Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - Part 22 - The Edge of the World

04 Th12, 2020
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  • omg i love his videos i don't have a console so his my only way to see these games, daily upload crazy work trev

    Junior Ennin-SampsonJunior Ennin-SampsonTháng trước
  • When are u goin get Odin spear

    Drevon GrinageDrevon GrinageTháng trước
  • My surname is Doncaster! lol

    Jack DoncasterJack DoncasterTháng trước
  • Much love bro you work hard every day just for the love of gaming and your fans... stay blessed 💪🏾

    William Hatter jrWilliam Hatter jrTháng trước
  • What you need is to find Odin’s spear or Mjolnir

    Tyler RichardsonTyler RichardsonTháng trước
  • Cold dry wet. So Canada

    Evildevil232 Is coolEvildevil232 Is coolTháng trước
  • I thought I was watching Tekken when the enemy destroyed multiple floors lol

    Jesson PeligroJesson PeligroTháng trước
  • Look buddy, you can stop with this honesty guff. You're tribbing your brother's wife the second his ass was over the horizon. Just tell Faravid you can't keep secrets, that's the honest play. Love the content and all, but your Eivor is kind of a snake.

    ChiggsyChiggsyTháng trước
  • Don't purchase weapons..get those mythics trev

    PratickPratickTháng trước
  • Edge of the world? Northumbria is current Newcaste upon tyne in England. Its not the Artic...

    iGARDiGARDTháng trước
  • Wholedan must be huge

    Snerd TergusonSnerd TergusonTháng trước
  • 4:54 you meant thor?

    Aravind C,vaAravind C,vaTháng trước
  • I live in the mountains. I love the snow and cold.

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin SkywalkerTháng trước
  • See the rhyming matches. I am past where this video is and I have not seen an option for it in the main mission in ages. So it might not be needed now

    mneilan123456mneilan123456Tháng trước
  • Were is thin merror

    J.T. davisJ.T. davisTháng trước
  • Trev you can treat Lead poison but whatever has been damaged by it cannot be reversed

    Dylan AhlbergDylan AhlbergTháng trước
  • Good that you didn't have the bug in this mission like I. So I'm stuck to the next update.

    Arsenalfan87Arsenalfan87Tháng trước
  • He hit 4.5m!!

    LucidLucidTháng trước
  • Broooo enchance your gear

    Victor JensenVictor JensenTháng trước
  • faravid was good

    Ken JojoKen JojoTháng trước
  • Sword in the right hand and a dagger with the left Sword and a shield Two one handed axes Sword and one handed axe

    Ahmad GhassanAhmad GhassanTháng trước
  • Why do men play as a female bruhh

    Bendy KingBendy KingTháng trước
  • Trev, you should use a shield instead of the flail. Because a sheild and staby mic staby works

    Nathan kingscoteNathan kingscoteTháng trước
  • Play hunting again!!

    Ethan KoehlerEthan KoehlerTháng trước
  • Heres a quick tip if u go to ur skill tree go into the melee aka way of the bear find the ability that allows u to switch both ur weapons from each hand while in combat dont need to pause for the inventory. While fighting u can flip the dagger into secondary hand and ur spear goes into ur main hand. Just in case if u didn't know already that's all it's very helpful during a fight.

    Cpt.Caveman 4200Cpt.Caveman 4200Tháng trước
  • TREV, YOU ARE GOD TIER. keep uploading these vids they are my favorite series

    Nathan kingscoteNathan kingscoteTháng trước
  • I love your vids keep up the good work

    Thomas FieldsThomas FieldsTháng trước
  • He should get the excalibur sord prity powerful

    JaaseJaaseTháng trước
  • I am from northern sweden its snow here half the year

    Patrosian SPatrosian STháng trước
  • I can’t even finish the game because the quest Honor’s Hubris is bugged.

    Arizona SwansonArizona SwansonTháng trước
  • Y like that you change the weapons

    Stella the golden retrieverStella the golden retrieverTháng trước
  • Bro you better use the double golden tornado fire Axe to defeat the enemies... would be a great weapon instead of that stabbing arrow 👍😊❤️🔥

    SD GamersSD GamersTháng trước
  • Keep em coming trev. We love it.

    GadsdenGuy97GadsdenGuy97Tháng trước
  • I'm loving the daily uploads of this series, but for the last 2 episodes you've complained about not having enough arrows... please please please upgrade your quiver, you can get up to 24 arrows or something like that. Then you want to get the scavenger perk for when you miss with an arrow it has less chance of breaking which means you can pick it up off the body or off the ground. Anyway keep up the great work!!! **

    Zain_ ShyjanZain_ ShyjanTháng trước
  • get the excalibur trev pls

    Ken JojoKen JojoTháng trước
  • mums the word ...english saying meaning ..stay quite!...... dont say anything !.....keep it to yourself.

    Don RebelDon RebelTháng trước
  • Go and get the Excalibur!!!! :D

    Robin BruynseelsRobin BruynseelsTháng trước
  • I think you should go to Wincestre to get the Suttungr's Claw so you have two daggers instead ^^ Keep up the daily uploads and the good work :D

    Lord JeffLord JeffTháng trước
  • Btw love this series soo much, keep them coming 😍♥️♥️

    AbdulrhmanAbdulrhmanTháng trước
  • I think if you want to have a better assassination you need to spend more skill points on stealth to not be seen very quickly

    AbdulrhmanAbdulrhmanTháng trước
  • Please cek for gt hammer Thor and best armor location

    cravencravenTháng trước
  • "I like how you do damage when you go innn and when you pull out" - Trevor xD

    Kanuraj KapoorKanuraj KapoorTháng trước
  • Trev ive been telling you for a few episodes now, dual wield the spears. Also upgrade your skills, stats, and abilities. Sad you dont have autoloot or incendiary powder trap, which can explode those rock walls

    plyzwthsqrlzplyzwthsqrlzTháng trước
  • I believe it is both poison and a mental disease that is incurable

    Storm lord of chaosStorm lord of chaosTháng trước
  • best weapons in off-hand are daggers, the small axes, swords and spears in my opinion

    Jelle BuvensJelle BuvensTháng trước
  • ah yes the rug it must be clean. me he’s crying cuz he just mudered someone and your worried about the carpet

    matt brownmatt brownTháng trước
  • "Stab someone with our stabby stick" 😂

    nicole hatchernicole hatcherTháng trước
  • you can buy weapons in the regular shop in your settlement

    Jelle BuvensJelle BuvensTháng trước
  • They’re called seminoles dude

    MarkoMarkoTháng trước
  • Nobody:- literally nobody:- Trev after Halfdan kills Faravid:- someones got to clean that rug

    Jasvinder GillJasvinder GillTháng trước
  • picts: scottish?

    Ritesh YedduRitesh YedduTháng trước
  • Aww somebody's gonna have to clean that rug.... Trevor you killed me with that

    Timothy WatersTimothy WatersTháng trước
  • You can try using two small axes at the same time it would still be fast but strong

    Princess JinxPrincess JinxTháng trước
  • Excalibur and thors hammer

    Mr.Gmoney ChungusMr.Gmoney ChungusTháng trước
  • Love this series, could we get an update on the order though? Curious how far up you have discovered

    lovethejetslovethejetsTháng trước
  • i would love to see some other outfits of Eivor, i have seem some pretty crazy stuff on reddit so i advice to change it up a bit

    Nikhil KumarNikhil KumarTháng trước
  • I know how dry it can be in the winter I get headaches cause of it

    FireRaptor 66FireRaptor 66Tháng trước
  • (After seeing a tragic death).... Trev: Someone has to clean that rug! lol

    Jose GonzalezJose GonzalezTháng trước
  • Trev where is the phasmophobia content with jimmy and hallow like the good ole days

    Icky From IquitosIcky From IquitosTháng trước
  • The Picts are the Scots from Scotland lol

    Denise GreensmithDenise GreensmithTháng trước
  • I was waiting for you to say desolate Trev

    Bj WilliamsBj WilliamsTháng trước
  • Trev calling Thor Loki was hilarious.

    J FischJ FischTháng trước
  • Wow Trev, you’ve never herd the term mums the word? Some of us would never leave the cold and snow, anything above 75 degrees is too warm for my blood. Keep the vids coming. And the trader in towns sell weapons.

    arkham whittarkham whittTháng trước
  • I did not expect the cups were the thing that made him sick did not expect this

    KevinKevinTháng trước
  • Try a hammer

    J.T. davisJ.T. davisTháng trước
  • Build a tattoo shop

    J.T. davisJ.T. davisTháng trước
  • I don’t think Faravid knew about the lead. He stood nothing to gain from betrayal. But I can’t say he didn’t know either...

    TravisTravisTháng trước
  • Tmart the rapper @33:47

  • I wonder if Halfdon reminds you guys or some god? That's a bit more important than you may think.

    Shaheen ZiyardShaheen ZiyardTháng trước
  • Thank you so much Trev! I love this series PS: You need to build more buildings and settlements in Ravensthorpe

    Ethan John RiveraEthan John RiveraTháng trước
  • love this! #LETSGO

    carlton Learcarlton LearTháng trước
  • Mum mean mom in British or should I say england Trev

    Jesiel CardenalesJesiel CardenalesTháng trước
  • 2 hrs gamplayy

    DuaneDuaneTháng trước
  • For weapons, I would recommend dual spears because you get range and quickness. Otherwise, having a hammer as a secondary is good because you can beat people to the ground, then stomp!

    Sam Ray-IsnerSam Ray-IsnerTháng trước
  • I want more! 😂 Great job t-mart! This game is amazing. The past two episodes have been so good. Love the work. Keep it up. God bless

    ryans taylorryans taylorTháng trước
  • Eivor must be freezing in that bikini top

    Albin HardöAlbin HardöTháng trước
    • LOL I know

      Teo PietragromeTeo PietragromeTháng trước
  • I know this is a very minor thing, but i love the sunlight in this game

    Maxim Tayo EdenMaxim Tayo EdenTháng trước
  • The poison is from the pipes that the people use the water. So in a way the mixture is killing him. The mead is from boiled ale. Which is what you should drink. Hadrians or Antonine wall where the Picts or now the Scots live.

    Maggie GTGMaggie GTGTháng trước
  • Don’t focus on main missions pls

    Water BlogWater BlogTháng trước
  • Dat boi Tmartn spazzin!¡

    Aceofkings JEAceofkings JETháng trước
  • 2 hours long btw go to 1:20

    Jabo FortniteJabo FortniteTháng trước
  • U can find mythic weapons and swords without upgrading or paying just look up the location on VIworld to find them

    Nayan SmithNayan SmithTháng trước
  • You buy weapons at the trade depot or trade shop

    Nikolai SaratovtsevNikolai SaratovtsevTháng trước
  • Spoilers (last choice) for when you choose the option to defend Faravid: Halfdan exiles Faravid. You won't gain the alliance from him (the big ring thingy). Halfdan behaves like he is Thor himself and becomes enraged. Faravid throws away his big wrist loyalty ring into a firepit. Faravid's last words to Halfdan is that Halfdan is a lousy king that only claims fame and spoils whilst his army battle and die for him and get nothing or very little in return. He thinks they deserve more. Faravid says his final farewell and becomes exiled.

    ScissorsBLScissorsBLTháng trước
  • Will you be continuing immortals fenyx rising?

    Paul StonePaul StoneTháng trước
  • Trev you da GOAT , making my lockdown more bareable !

    Wezzle .GWezzle .GTháng trước
  • ayo where the win mirror

    SqeemSqeemTháng trước
  • Halfdan, an eye for an eye makes the world blind. Be were of treachery of men, and of your mind...

    Nemesis777Nemesis777Tháng trước
  • Trev you by things from the trader

    Xavier HarrisXavier HarrisTháng trước
  • Is this game worth getting im still deciding

    Thomas ChapmanThomas ChapmanTháng trước
  • fun fact: u cure my depression

    alex ibrahimalex ibrahimTháng trước
  • Can you play NBA 2k21 next gen

    yah yeetyah yeetTháng trước
  • Where’s nhl 21 be a pro

    Seabass10Seabass10Tháng trước
  • At 56:01 you can see his neck has a similiar mark as Loki in the asgard arc

    grd battugrd battuTháng trước
  • The Picts were from Scotland

    Andrew MichieAndrew MichieTháng trước
  • You should change the Speer

    Thomas WallisThomas WallisTháng trước
  • I love watching other peoples choices and reactions after ive finished the AC games. Good videos. Love all the long series you do!

    ChokyoChokyoTháng trước
  • I feel like its poison he’s not crazy he just doesn’t trust anyone right now

    Kndli A gKndli A gTháng trước
    • @彡ᎻᎬᑎᗩᏆ ๏ yeah i commented before the vid finished

      Kndli A gKndli A gTháng trước
    • Ya..its lead poisoning

      彡ᎻᎬᑎᗩᏆ ๏彡ᎻᎬᑎᗩᏆ ๏Tháng trước
  • Does anyone know if he really did it or not? I watched the entire video and still confused

    XthakingXthakingTháng trước
    • I was looking on reddit for the answer and many people believe he's guilty because if you make different choices then he is spared but Eivor questions him before he's exiled. He refuses to answer any of the questions and some say he leaves with a smirk. Also some very good points were made. He drew his sword immediately which is a guilty reaction. When Moira said it was lead many of the people in the room gasped and seemed to know it was toxic. Also Faravid never denied that he actually posioned Halfdan nor did he say he didn't know it was lead or it was poisonous. And finally the chances of him specifically picking lead goblets for a longtime (saying it's Halfdan's fav) when Halfdan himself says he prefer his horn is not something that could happen coincidentally. He knew each goblet was lead.

      M TM TTháng trước
  • I still think u should be rockin wit the double axe

    Apex PredatorApex PredatorTháng trước