Assassin's Creed: Valhalla - The End

07 Th12, 2020
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  • Can someone elxplain to me why I’m not getting any story missions after finishing Asgard I’m positive this is not the end

    W ThunderW Thunder8 giờ trước
  • Mad wish i never watched this 🤬

    xIDeadlysins__xxIDeadlysins__xNgày trước
  • Shame theres not alot of out the future like leaving the animus

    xIDeadlysins__xxIDeadlysins__xNgày trước
  • Last time I checked Sigurd had a brother not a sister lmao kinda weird you playing as a chick

    Yung DollaYung Dolla3 ngày trước
  • whaaa Svala is that one god from before

    AkaNeneAkaNene6 ngày trước
  • No you have so much of the game left

    Ryan HusseyRyan Hussey6 ngày trước
  • She should have tapped the staff to her hand

    Aryan DhirAryan Dhir7 ngày trước
  • I betrayed Sigurd, he didn’t wanted to travel back with me 😂

    emilkill1emilkill114 ngày trước

    Karen OsborneKaren Osborne15 ngày trước
  • What spear did he have

    Darth KermitDarth Kermit25 ngày trước
  • You should have turned left at 18:30 a nice item waiting for you

    Owen McCordOwen McCord26 ngày trước
  • This series was amazing!

    ProductionBy ThatGuyFaceProductionBy ThatGuyFace28 ngày trước
  • Yes seeing you play the Ezio trilogy would be amazing!

    x FaDe x Kingx FaDe x KingTháng trước
  • When Basim speaks earlier that he had a son. Of course it was Fenrir. 🐺

    Ashley ForresterAshley ForresterTháng trước
  • When is order of ancient come

    Soham PalitSoham PalitTháng trước
  • I was soo confused this whole video🤣🤣

    Ognjen MićanovićOgnjen MićanovićTháng trước
  • Fun fact Evoir is related to Odin because in one of the endings, you'll see the gods in these chairs

    XMASTER1234XMASTER1234Tháng trước
  • do the guys wedding

    JaQuan TurnerJaQuan TurnerTháng trước
  • Can someone please explain the fuckery of this i don't get it. Is basim evil? Is the odin eivor sees the real one or just an isu vision and that valhalla wasn't real? Are there real gods and a real valhalla still? Cause that valhalla was just a simulation wasnt it? Like it wasn't the real one that the vikings believed in. I really don't get this storyline man

    Ethan LeahyEthan LeahyTháng trước
  • Please reply ezio collection because u never played brotherhood

    mneilan123456mneilan123456Tháng trước
  • The Female eivor voice actor is not very good

    IannacconeIannacconeTháng trước
  • I suppose I cannot say the actual name of Basim, but his previous life is from Isu, which means that he is one of the gods from North Mythology. There’s only one god that matches his personality and intelligence.

    Lneeth NLneeth NTháng trước
  • So sad that this game is over it was amazing 😔

    Kasen LeeKasen LeeTháng trước
  • Let’s see the ending complete the alliance map we love these series 💙

    Derrick BeachamDerrick BeachamTháng trước
  • Odyssey and Origins really give a good back story to this game

    ChokyoChokyoTháng trước
  • This game was awesome to play

    ChokyoChokyoTháng trước
  • when you turned right to go through the door with sigurd you also could have gone left and pulled odins spear out of the wall.

    HydrazXHydrazXTháng trước
  • WOW

    make _make _Tháng trước
  • Having missed most of these videos.. For some reason I'm not surprised she's a lesbian.

    overAbstractedoverAbstractedTháng trước
  • This storyline is stupid

    KasperKasperTháng trước
  • Yeahs play all of them trev I’ve lost the story over the years and I’d like to hear it again

    indiabillindiabillTháng trước
  • I kinda never liked eivor idk why

    JAIIIJAIIITháng trước
  • Did you know that Odin spear is on the left you need 3 adrenaline points and boom you have a god weapon you missed it during the video and do the Asgard storyline you can find out why basum hate you

    Demonshadowx212Demonshadowx212Tháng trước
  • You really have to finish the Asgard and Jotunheim storylines man. The ending would make so much more sense then

    ACforlife 123ACforlife 123Tháng trước
  • So no one gonna tell him that he missed odins spear

    jaylon calcotejaylon calcoteTháng trước
  • Tmarn2 you missed odin's spear it was stuck in the wall on the left side

    jaylon calcotejaylon calcoteTháng trước
  • Please choose nomad lifepath in cyberpunk 2077. It will have a great storyline.

    Nityanand BhaskarNityanand BhaskarTháng trước
  • Which life are u choosing in cyberpunk 2077? Whatever you choose, i will be in the beginning till the end

    Nityanand BhaskarNityanand BhaskarTháng trước
  • When is Immortals fenyx rising comming back? :)

    Rens BuijsRens BuijsTháng trước
  • I love the History in the Assassin's Creed game but I've never understood and really don't care about the Animus storyline; it always brings me out of the games and ruins it. I haven't really played any Assassin's Creed so I don't know any of the Lore really but I may look into it and try to understand it one day.

    ShireenPlaysShireenPlaysTháng trước
    • @its.martin11 Thanks, I'll do that.

      ShireenPlaysShireenPlaysTháng trước
    • Watch videos on VIworld about Desmond’s story

      its.martin11its.martin11Tháng trước
  • i can't believe it baim was loki all along

    Kervensky EximondKervensky EximondTháng trước
  • 😎😎Who else is so confused about this story line yet still it’s great watching your vids bro😎😎

    Zain_ ShyjanZain_ ShyjanTháng trước
  • 1:09:40 That's the Architect from Matrix lol

    F NF NTháng trước
  • 36:09 This simulation reminds me of the Mugen Tsukuyomi in Naruto. So many parallels...

    F NF NTháng trước
  • Hahaha his reaction when they arrow hit the eye ahhaah

    Jens Van de genachteJens Van de genachteTháng trước
  • Form the very beginning I watched all the parts from part 1 to till now.. but this last ending part is solved in leaving mystery behind.. I'm quite confused how Basim could turn into Eivor.. howwww 🤔🤔🤔😵😵😵 in real life Basim took the lead and said Eivor died.. How did Odin get died as he was the God.. last part ends up with leaving many mess mysterious things and events 😌

    SD GamersSD GamersTháng trước
  • His son... The Wolf's kiss is his gift... Is he loki?... He sure does look like him... I am confused... Can someone help me?

    Smith MankarSmith MankarTháng trước
    • Look at the entire story Arc of Odin's memories

      KitsuneKitsuneTháng trước
  • I wanna see all those endings!

    Ritesh YedduRitesh YedduTháng trước
  • Loved it. Now it’s cyberpunks turn😍

    LeechLeechTháng trước
  • Yes go do it I want to see more of it

    Coolestdude101 special editionCoolestdude101 special editionTháng trước
  • 😭

    Ritesh YedduRitesh YedduTháng trước
  • Basim is the reïncarnation of the Isu Loki

    Jelle BuvensJelle BuvensTháng trước
  • this isent the end of the game, ive beaten the entire game like 100% completion and this isent even the main story ending what are use talking about

    maurice cheeks clappamaurice cheeks clappaTháng trước
    • also the viking ending is literally the point of the game, its eivors journey and the creators expressed that

      maurice cheeks clappamaurice cheeks clappaTháng trước
  • Fire Ending 🔥🔥

    carrington GDScarrington GDSTháng trước
  • Who knew that trv watched naruto lol, BTW I watch it too cus it's awesome

    I'm antonI'm antonTháng trước
  • Do side missions pls i need more

    Kristine MaceoKristine MaceoTháng trước
  • Uhm I haven't watched much more than the first couple of episodes of this series but I wanted to ask someone of you who did- how much did Trev "rush" this game? I mean it has like 23 Parts of something right? Even if many episodes would be an hour and a half , that would mean he played it though roughly 30-35 hours, which is not even close to what you should be if you really get into the world and the story.... I feel like if that's the case , he has not even seen 30 % of the game.

    Richard FreutelRichard FreutelTháng trước
  • Make a forza horizon 4 video

    cerenda stallenbergcerenda stallenbergTháng trước
  • If you go the other way when you get in the cave you get Odin's spear before going to Valhalla

    Derrick KeenanDerrick KeenanTháng trước
  • Finish off the order of the ancients missions please if you have time!

    Andrew MichieAndrew MichieTháng trước
  • Awesome but bummed

    Brandon RomeroBrandon RomeroTháng trước
  • order of ancient hunting also?

    Stefan LarsenStefan LarsenTháng trước
  • You should finish the viking ending, the order of the ancients and the mythical weapons like odin’s spear or thor’s hammer

    Jake UrenaJake UrenaTháng trước
  • Please continue!!!!!!. This is sooooooooooo good.

    Isiah McGeeIsiah McGeeTháng trước
  • Interesting point to note that you didn't get the choice after the fight with Basim, but then I read elsewhere the following; These are the big choices and the ones he’ll judge you on: - Stealing Styrbjorn’s cargo - Starting a relationship with Randvi while she is still with Sigurd - Punching Basim when they have a fight - Denying Dag his axe for entry to Valhalla - Contradicting Sigurd in his judgement of the settlement inhabitants Doing three or more of these will lead to Sigurd leaving for Norway but if you have only done one or two, you’ll be fine and he’ll stay in the settlement with you for good. Plus, he breaks up with Randvi so you’re free to be in a relationship with her. And now I remember that you played the game perfectly !!

    Siddharth NairSiddharth NairTháng trước
  • More questions than answers to me but was an amazing series, great job

    FireRaptor 66FireRaptor 66Tháng trước
  • you missed the odin's spear sad, it was on the other side of that gate,in that snowy place where we go with sigurd

    Nikhil KumarNikhil KumarTháng trước
  • Curious where the next game will go. Some sort of present time AC? Or another throwback.

    II-LiveWire-llII-LiveWire-llTháng trước
  • Please finish out the Viking storyline.

    Bobbi SundeenBobbi SundeenTháng trước
  • DO HAMTUNSCIRE. We have come to far on this journey to leave it hanging Trev!

    Ruhin ChatterjeeRuhin ChatterjeeTháng trước
  • pls do ac3!!!!!

    Omar Perez-RenteriaOmar Perez-RenteriaTháng trước
  • I want to play this game help me

    Vedant ChoudharyVedant ChoudharyTháng trước
  • OKAY BUT can someone explain to me what is happening at 58:00 now, I'm so damn confused

    Fashion101Fashion101Tháng trước
  • Long series but well worth the ending

    Kael MobergKael MobergTháng trước
  • You should go through and get all the ancient weapons, like thor's hammer and Odin's spear

    Jimmy JohnsJimmy JohnsTháng trước
  • I want to do all the things. I'm getting separation anxiety from this series already

    deedeeiamdeedeeiamTháng trước
  • In the cave u entered with Sigurd u should go left and get odins spear instead of going right to the tree

    RaVe_RaptorZRaVe_RaptorZTháng trước
  • It’s Naruto

    Sheida AndreaSheida AndreaTháng trước
  • Yo Trev in that cave with sigard there is odins spear and you need all four adrenaline bars to get it and you have all four so if you want odins spear go back to that cave and don’t go left with sigard go right and follow that path to get it

    Pat BurkettPat BurkettTháng trước
  • tmartn should react to a video that talks about the history of assassins creed or like he said replay the series

    Bed_Time_BoyBed_Time_BoyTháng trước

    Sammajh LightbourneSammajh LightbourneTháng trước
  • but what about the order of the ancients???? isn’t there an ending for finishing that too??

    Alexis HewittAlexis HewittTháng trước
  • 47:53 "He's Naruto running" words I never thought I'd hear Trevor say nor did I think he'd know Naruto

    Shaun JoseShaun JoseTháng trước
  • You should do a video showing how the games connect and the story line

    Steel Curtain DynastySteel Curtain DynastyTháng trước
  • Basim is Loki

    Cleveland BoneyCleveland BoneyTháng trước
  • please finish this game i’m going to miss it

    Tyler EichelbergerTyler EichelbergerTháng trước
  • "Where's his health bar?" Forgets that Basim was Loki when he had to look up where the golden cat was.

    AkaNeneAkaNeneTháng trước
  • 32:48 When she’s down to smash but doesn’t bring her switch and starts taking her clothes off.

    B.A.MB.A.MTháng trước
  • What happened to Basim after he visit Eivors grave?

    Hugo HyltenfeldtHugo HyltenfeldtTháng trước
  • Naruto running 😁😁😁😁😁

    Rodelio GulleRodelio GulleTháng trước
  • You cant get jarl and end the series come on man

    Raymond StansberryRaymond StansberryTháng trước
  • Does this mean we can finally get Twin Mirror

    Noah NoneNoah NoneTháng trước
  • more twin mirrors please

    Justin ThorneJustin ThorneTháng trước
  • sigurd:Gives a pep talk Matin:Well I did with u r wife ME:XXD

    Juan Diego Morales TreminoJuan Diego Morales TreminoTháng trước
  • The rest of the order ??

    otaku_ughotaku_ughTháng trước
  • I think that the side missions hold the keys to understanding the end. Would be dope to see you play through them

    Legendary MikeLegendary MikeTháng trước
  • Basin is Loki that’s why it all make sense now

    Darnell WheatonDarnell WheatonTháng trước
  • I really enjoyed the whole lets play im still a bit confused on the ending but more episodes? im down for that!

    Roiber DuranRoiber DuranTháng trước
  • Hamtunscire

    The Brown Bros.The Brown Bros.Tháng trước
  • Thanks Trev for the vids!

    J FischJ FischTháng trước