Cyberpunk 2077 - Part 1 - The Beginning

09 Th12, 2020
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  • “It’s the motion in the ocean” 😂

    PopTartKing1998PopTartKing1998Ngày trước
  • Trevor bro go slow on the options. Don't rush. Always think twice.

  • 1:02:08 his face lol

    Infinite Army KC KingdomInfinite Army KC Kingdom4 ngày trước
  • 24:26 why is KSI in this

    Infinite Army KC KingdomInfinite Army KC Kingdom4 ngày trước
  • 49:12 wtf

    Ben DudeBen Dude6 ngày trước

    okok7 ngày trước
  • weve been waiting for this fantastic game glitches and bugs: X doubt

    hayden millwardhayden millward8 ngày trước
  • 43:56 ohhhhh neck snap crack

    sir stickman mesir stickman me12 ngày trước
  • Wow!! Nice games, thanks for uploading a nice game, I will be waiting for y our next games, You can also one fantastic game-

    evers adibaevers adiba14 ngày trước
  • “I’m gonna go small so it’s a little bit more immersive for me.” Tmartn

    Ghostgaming 114Ghostgaming 11414 ngày trước
  • Anybody noticed that the boxing sound like tennis

    JaySly DatGuyJaySly DatGuy14 ngày trước
  • 9:20 what happens if u say “you avoid trouble”?

    Big RESSBig RESS16 ngày trước
  • 4:56 hahahahahahha L0L

    7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi7AMoOoD.K AlAwadhi16 ngày trước
  • Bro this game is so cool I got it for$ 75

    Fortnite VideosFortnite Videos17 ngày trước
  • 14:52 ohhh get him ............................................... ha got ie

    sir stickman mesir stickman me18 ngày trước
  • no way i live in nc so hearing nc is my life, you get Tmartn like a boss, that you are

    sir stickman mesir stickman me18 ngày trước
  • “It’s not about size it is about the motion in the ocean” -Trevor 2020

    Ian MorinIan Morin20 ngày trước
    • For some reason wen ever anyone says trevor I tink of trevor philips muting on raspberry jam

      phantom pumaphantom puma11 ngày trước
  • .

    sharine sedneysharine sedney23 ngày trước
  • Waited two weeks to finally sit down and watch Tmartn's playthrough bc my mom was going to get me cyberpunk for Christmas but I lost her to covid and then of course it was bad on console so I've given up on getting it. Stay safe out there, and y'all have a great start for this upcoming year. Much love

    Destiny McMillenDestiny McMillen23 ngày trước
  • hey trev i like ya cut g by the way im a fan

    Natalie valleNatalie valle24 ngày trước
  • you saying that you are going to be a male this time around implies that you've played through this game before

    Gabriel FoxGabriel Fox26 ngày trước
  • Bro you coulda blown Royce's head off. He goes "Bang". Much much cooler interaction. 😂. Those guys weren't that bad. But it's your game, and it was interesting to see a different choice. Cool.

    Quentin DiazQuentin Diaz28 ngày trước
  • The big ping conservatively earn because editor univariably increase beside a ruthless stop. subdued, delicious gosling

    Ired1rectIred1rect29 ngày trước
  • It's not about the size it's about the motion in the ocean I'm dying but thank you for the advice

  • Next playthrough Chelsea gets to make the female character right? LOL

    ItsJustFeelItsJustFeelTháng trước
  • Spread the word of God and Gospel ✝️🙏

    Marcelino BautistaMarcelino BautistaTháng trước
  • Go subscribe to Raze Flics and Ridge b.

    Jonathon RayJonathon RayTháng trước
  • 7 years

    PUCKLY-_-PUCKLY-_-Tháng trước
  • Me instantly buying cyberpunk*

    Its VorceIts VorceTháng trước
  • After 7 years and this is what we get? What a disappointment.

    Valeen 78Valeen 78Tháng trước
  • does anyone know what song is that on 1:06:47 i been trying to look everwhere??

    DoZe TigerDoZe TigerTháng trước
  • Anyone else notice this??? 49:10

    Honey BadgerHoney BadgerTháng trước
  • 4:39 yep, now my dad ain’t gonna buy me this game

    Ryan EarlRyan EarlTháng trước
  • Love the game already keep up the good work trevor

    Eddie OrtizEddie OrtizTháng trước
  • You know your a gamer when your watching someone else play and you can tell the settings are off. When you first started looking around with the pistol I could tell something was off. I should get a life

    A_HUMANA_HUMANTháng trước
  • Game glitches... trevor: look at that teleportation technology... Master pr right there

    giannis psilliasgiannis psilliasTháng trước
  • This Man is a Genius -

    Litty The ArtistLitty The ArtistTháng trước
  • Tmartn s favorite words the begging

    Platinum _vibezPlatinum _vibezTháng trước
  • 42:15 so ur just not gonna blur that tiddie

    make _make _Tháng trước
  • so he censored these videos but not the last of us 2 sex scene/ tit slip video? lol

    BioStarBioStarTháng trước
  • Jeez, I’m playing female and the dialogue are all the same, lol

    xlightthefusexlightthefuseTháng trước
  • Use 3rd person in cars, please :(

    diego. frighidiego. frighiTháng trước
  • The straight regret ultrascructurally relax because anthony analytically miss afore a changeable foot. nifty, four frail advantage

    max morrismax morrisTháng trước
  • FP

    Death SlayerDeath SlayerTháng trước
  • am i the only one that thought dexter was rick ross

    Hasani AllenHasani AllenTháng trước
  • No one: Literally no one: Everyone in the comments: “ I think im gonna go with small so it could be a little more imersive”

    06Luuis06LuuisTháng trước
    • Not many people r saying that tho

      Infinite Army KC KingdomInfinite Army KC Kingdom4 ngày trước
    • @06LuuisJust re-read before you comment

      Chromium ClixChromium Clix24 ngày trước
    • @Chromium Clix typing on a iphone 6 is hard

      06Luuis06Luuis24 ngày trước
    • That spelling though

      Chromium ClixChromium ClixTháng trước
  • should have killed him, I killed all of them.

    BigBoy BeanHeadBigBoy BeanHeadTháng trước
  • Hahahahhahhaahaaa i want this game its about the flow of the ocean😂😂😂😂😂

    JamerboygameingJamerboygameingTháng trước
  • Βέβαιοςςςςςςς

    Charalampos AndrikopoulosCharalampos AndrikopoulosTháng trước
  • Why can't you just show the nudity man, just like a lot of youtubers do We are all humans you know there's no ashame of that It will also save you the editing

    Blue CreedBlue CreedTháng trước
  • You be beating the doonies down TREVOR??? Your page looks good. You always sounds hood. Lol.

    Kyra BranchKyra BranchTháng trước
  • The only problem with playing on console, is the lack of people who spawn. NC looks like a ghost town

    LazyDayz TodayLazyDayz TodayTháng trước
  • Is cybar puck available on xbox

    Gavin SmithGavin SmithTháng trước
    • If you want to play it in 16fps

      Luck DuckLuck DuckTháng trước
  • Tmartn Is back with gameplay

    UnscriptedWrestlingUnscriptedWrestlingTháng trước
  • Trev why would you play on a ps5 at ps4 quality when you can play on your pc

    Quinn EtheridgeQuinn EtheridgeTháng trước
  • Bruh this just makes me want next gen so much more, but hopefully it runs better on pc than ps4

    swaggypswaggypTháng trước
  • Is he playing on pc with a PS5 controller or on the PS5?

    DANDAN679DANDAN679Tháng trước
  • Part 1 is almost 2 hours... holy shizzles this is gonna be a good one

    Luke KleimanLuke KleimanTháng trước
  • Not sorry, this isn't breathtaking...

    Spliffword MedicalzSpliffword MedicalzTháng trước
  • do you play on xbox?

  • Why Dex laughing like kawhi 😂

    Mike NellisMike NellisTháng trước
  • Still think they have a masterpiece now??

    OgDT 14OgDT 14Tháng trước
  • 18:32 what i knew it a bug

    k gamingk gamingTháng trước
  • what's on his forehead???

    snow flakesnow flakeTháng trước
  • The guttural H habitual humidity nutritionally pinch because ashtray syntactically bomb an a cruel size. tough, spurious comic

    Ired1rectIred1rectTháng trước
  • Ahh the beginning classic 👌👌

    Tin_crazy PlaysTin_crazy PlaysTháng trước
  • I never knew that you could put a male a female private part

    Erkinjon MeliboyevErkinjon MeliboyevTháng trước
  • nice play bro more love from kenya

    East.sidebrattEast.sidebrattTháng trước
  • that is a friend for ya steal a car for a dead beat. Nope

    Live your life cause no harmLive your life cause no harmTháng trước
  • Not about the size but the motion of the ocean... LOL say the guy with the lil johnson LOL! just funning!

    Live your life cause no harmLive your life cause no harmTháng trước
  • Yo character look dumb tho

    Rykerpres PrescottRykerpres PrescottTháng trước
  • 48:35 ik im down bad

    spirituallyspirituallyTháng trước

  • 1:00:00

    Origin StudiesOrigin StudiesTháng trước
  • Your characters beard look like mine IRL :D

    BeardPhobiaBeardPhobiaTháng trước
  • Why the crouch walking on evry game????

    Deniz ÖzyayDeniz ÖzyayTháng trước
  • Just off the fact he chose street kid I'm watching the full series and liking every video no kizzy red gang🔥💪🏾

    Ty LoxasTy LoxasTháng trước
  • “If you ladies are looking for a place to stay feel free to hit me up” 😂😂

    PekstrPekstrTháng trước
  • this game is like a mix between Assassins Creed, COD, and Watchdogs?

    Liam SherpingLiam SherpingTháng trước
  • In 2077 I will be 71

    Shawn PhillipsShawn PhillipsTháng trước
  • I think we will go with small so it will be a little more imersive for me

    Michael WallisMichael WallisTháng trước
  • who remembers resident evil 5 I remember you I was laughing

    Jedd RepchukJedd RepchukTháng trước
  • You know there is an option to disable copyright music, Trev?

    Sankalp KumarSankalp KumarTháng trước
  • Bro what is this quality?!?!?!

    CP MenaceCP MenaceTháng trước
  • beautiful bromance..

    Nicholas BlakNicholas BlakTháng trước
  • Nothing grabs my attention more than “the beginning “

    Thicc BoiThicc BoiTháng trước
  • Ahwa

    Rad WchtRad WchtTháng trước
  • Tmartn if sized matter a horse could outrun a jackrabbit lol

    Dawson KlinefelterDawson KlinefelterTháng trước
  • Is ur name Martin

    Connor pocklington THaReAlConnor pocklington THaReAlTháng trước
  • Dawg take it down and fix the blur error you showed a nip at the point where you saved that chick in the tub. During the end scene where you get pushed the tiddie popped out

    Kobe MccaugheyKobe MccaugheyTháng trước
  • I had to recheck if I'm watching in 240p :P

    MaximusMaximusTháng trước
  • Video hasnt started yet and im hyping myself up like yes please bring me the energy i expect lets goooo

    ember :pember :pTháng trước
  • What is the name of the song Tmartn says he loves and how they used it in all their trailers

    Tucker BaileyTucker BaileyTháng trước
  • Nice mirrors

    KS ChigKS ChigTháng trước
  • It’s a first person watch dogs it’s awesome

    John W ScardinoJohn W ScardinoTháng trước
  • There better be an option to change FOV Bc this is lowkey painful

    Jesse Nunez IIIJesse Nunez IIITháng trước
  • Love ur vids, keep up the good work tmartn2

    Game Rocker XGame Rocker XTháng trước
  • This game is cool i have it

    JDMBOYSCARLOVER Subaru imprezaJDMBOYSCARLOVER Subaru imprezaTháng trước
  • can you blear the f word

    Mason HuguleyMason HuguleyTháng trước
  • They should've added the sharingan