Cyberpunk 2077 - Part 9 - MY FIRST KISS WITH PANAM!

12 Th12, 2020
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  • Panam's the best and she's a keeper 🔥

    Joel 795Joel 7956 ngày trước
  • Trev reaction was like a virgin finally getting sum 😂😝

    Dustin SpencerDustin Spencer18 ngày trước
  • your headset is on the wrong way. everything you hear is in the wrong ear...

    MrLighTMrLighTTháng trước
  • I noticed a cool detail, Johnny gives you the thumbs up if he agrees with a choice you pick.

    Quentin DiazQuentin DiazTháng trước
  • Lmao trev was trynna clappp Panam the whole episode 😂😭

    C J WilliamsC J WilliamsTháng trước
    • @Quentin Diaz lmao 😂 Ong Fr fr

      C J WilliamsC J WilliamsTháng trước
    • Who doesn't? 😂. She baaad

      Quentin DiazQuentin DiazTháng trước
  • I love at 1:01:28 after he cleaned out his book bag, it cute back and then there’s just a random body in the wall 😂

    Jackson DowellJackson DowellTháng trước
  • That cop with Takamura and sunglasses, isn't she Murphy from Robocop?

    Klaus DuusKlaus DuusTháng trước
  • 29:20 same reaction i had lol.

    RobitussinRobitussinTháng trước
  • Hate to see panam leave but love to see her drive away

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • I'd keep Panam

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • congratulations on 5 million subs trev is the best

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • Habboobs 😂🤣

    DANDAN679DANDAN679Tháng trước
  • This series has been all about stealth

    Unpluged MinecraftUnpluged MinecraftTháng trước
  • Everyone is drinking tequila cos the rock us a legendary fixer

  • Man..I also went for Bodyheat radio..I think males might be predictable after all ^^

    MariusArmandMariusArmandTháng trước
  • You can just watch Trevor’s heart break 3:41

    Yagazie MarendiukobianwaYagazie MarendiukobianwaTháng trước
  • wait we never say "Haboobs"

    Mr. XonMr. XonTháng trước
  • Upgrade your other abilities, plus your sniper has a big ass suppressor on it. Don’t know how you missed it T

    My Unaverage LifeMy Unaverage LifeTháng trước
  • I need to replay the whole game, I didn't know you could kiss her at that moment

    JeffJeffTháng trước
  • The bugs rip you out of the gameplay. Don't get me wrong tho its an awesome game wish i could play it but im broke...

    BlackMetalPuppy 033BlackMetalPuppy 033Tháng trước
  • 19:41 ago😱

    Matthew McConnMatthew McConnTháng trước
  • typical females. she gets all flirty puttin her legs up on you and the BAM! friendzone. lmaoo confusing species the females

    MahdeeMahdeeTháng trước
  • tmartns playing on Ps5 right?

    MahdeeMahdeeTháng trước
  • 19:39 ayo

    Azemar KingAzemar KingTháng trước
  • The first thing I noticed is that you got the same UI bug I got. I mean that zoom in/out with the d-pad that stuck since that turret mission in Panam's car. I was forced to disable it from settings... Playing on ps4 as well... 🙄

  • I think that moment with Panam was gonna happen no matter how many right decisions you made with her, the temporary friend zone was inevitable

    BonelessOtakuBonelessOtakuTháng trước
  • Love trevs sly comments

    lil peep boyzlil peep boyzTháng trước
  • 25:36 Trev you absolute dawg

    James Francis HeffronJames Francis HeffronTháng trước
  • "These guys don't provide you with snacks?" Trev really do be a man of the people

    James Francis HeffronJames Francis HeffronTháng trước
  • Friendzoned in a game! 😆 gotta take ya time bruh!

    Dewayne SmithDewayne SmithTháng trước
  • "First time her letting me drive!, that shows her confidence in me!" ( crashes) nope that confidence got crushed! Lol 😆

    Dewayne SmithDewayne SmithTháng trước
  • That shows a lot of confidence in us *cashes into rock

    Jacob DanielsJacob DanielsTháng trước
  • Takemura shoulda been romancable and we all know that :(

    Ramona SRamona STháng trước
  • 55:19 man on walls falls and dies 😂

    AtzmicAtzmicTháng trước
  • 46:27 dude that is easy climbing what do you mean

    VindexVindexTháng trước
  • Takemura:Sawdust and plastic me:i wonder how it tastes

    Mouhamadou WelleMouhamadou WelleTháng trước
  • Damn behind 4 episodes. Props to you Trev

    DadDadTháng trước
  • Trev so dirty all of a sudden

    Justin GreenJustin GreenTháng trước
  • Trev u funny asl with these girls in this game

    Freeze GamingFreeze GamingTháng trước
  • Tmartn gettin' a little friskyyy

    Avishai TaylorAvishai TaylorTháng trước
  • Aww Trev smh, im at 30:00 .....smh

    John Azike JrJohn Azike JrTháng trước
  • Who thinks trev should do the eye tracker i think that would be funny

    Eann CrangleEann CrangleTháng trước
  • Don’t focus on main missions pls

    Water BlogWater BlogTháng trước
  • 2:18 its fem faytall

    Jean-JacquesJean-JacquesTháng trước
  • man u the best !!

    Orestas KatilauskasOrestas KatilauskasTháng trước
  • 19:38 Thats what she said

    Aravind C,vaAravind C,vaTháng trước
  • 2300th like

    Boober714 OhBoober714 OhTháng trước
  • Sorry, but I need to unsubscribe for a moment, your thumbnails are full of spoilers :-( Will get back after I finish CP myself

    awolCZawolCZTháng trước
  • If he enabled nudity would they have something more ?

    Kamel AwadKamel AwadTháng trước
  • Either you are really good at playing the game or the game is on easy? Idk i mean ik you can play really well but this looks way too easy the way you sneak up one them guys. Idk tho✌

    Raashid KRaashid KTháng trước
  • Will you film More medieval dynasty or no?

    Kristers ŠoksKristers ŠoksTháng trước
  • “We planted the seed..” 😂

    jose orendainjose orendainTháng trước
    • 31:03 B-)

      Indrek ArusooIndrek ArusooTháng trước
  • Trev rockin that extra shiny 4head

    A Kings SonA Kings SonTháng trước
  • 55:22 should watch Jonny

    Naod TameneNaod TameneTháng trước
  • Trust me, if you've looted everything like I've done then you'll have a tonne of suppressors. How have you been leveling up your attributes and skills? You can also break junk down for parts automatically in crafting attributes

    Martin HibbertMartin HibbertTháng trước
  • Simp

    DuaneDuaneTháng trước
  • 49:43 lulz You can't scan it ??????, try zooming in. Maybe pay attention to the screen bottom right you will see a litany of information about all sorts of game control related things.

    BushPiG0BushPiG0Tháng trước
  • plz take your time.. The security pad was right on the wall!

    Keyz ALiKeyz ALiTháng trước
  • the romance is not over brother lmaoo

    AshAshTháng trước
  • me when i go to settings i spot 4k my brain initiate advanced settings

    lag starlag starTháng trước
  • You should do the whole side mission with Panam. It’s a good ending

    Paul StrieplingPaul StrieplingTháng trước
  • are the cyberpunk god!!!! Wish you would spend more time showing us upgrades....etc

    J FarnsworthJ FarnsworthTháng trước
  • Lol i was the 2k likes

    Ferdin MoralesFerdin MoralesTháng trước
  • Wait a minute isn't riders on the storm a music in NFS NEED FOR SPEED but I can't remember in which one

    Fahad HanifFahad HanifTháng trước
  • I like the silent of wakaka 39:40 😂😂

    Dissolved is hereDissolved is hereTháng trước
  • Anyone else see Johnny give a thumbs up at 43:30 ?


    NøthingNøthingTháng trước
  • 29:55 lmfao literally did the same

    ThrasherThrasherTháng trước
  • I got see someone get friend zoned Now I see how it feels to rejected

    The business KidThe business KidTháng trước
  • Me wincing because he called a tire balencer a battery terminal and my inner mechanic cringes

    Darkmist1002Darkmist1002Tháng trước
  • 1:24 .that buttoms up sign hahaha

    gusgus 1991gusgus 1991Tháng trước
  • Her face when he crashed into the rock 😐😐

    Caleb BorketeyCaleb BorketeyTháng trước
  • 13:24 "I like how everybody drinks tequila in the future," AND SMOKES STRAIGHT UP COFFIN NAIL ASS CIGARETTES! Not even vaping. Nails! This is California! THEY OUT HER SMOKING NAILS IN BARS AND DRINKIN TEQUILA AIEEEEE

    ChiggsyChiggsyTháng trước
  • Simp

    SC DragonSC DragonTháng trước
  • Well from what I see so far I think they should have hold off on releasing it

    Tyrese 18Tyrese 18Tháng trước
  • 29:27 Smooth as heck. 30:53 “Really” Johnny 33:30 inside V’s head, Johnny, “Nice comeback.”

    Conor CarrollConor CarrollTháng trước
  • U trying to romance panem?

    AliaksAliaksTháng trước
  • Damn Panam dont wash that booty at all

    Frannie MacFrannie MacTháng trước
  • Trever when he finds loot loot there it is

    Julianrakowski JevdhJulianrakowski JevdhTháng trước
  • At 55:22 you will see Jonny in the background falling from up there 😆

    • Yeah, thought that was hilarious.

      PnlBtrPnlBtrTháng trước
  • You exited about this kiss?? Well my friend you are in for a wild ride Literally

    Il Seven lIIl Seven lITháng trước
  • You should get Johnny silverhands pistol

    JJ JrJJ JrTháng trước
  • Hey man could you consider driving in third person. I have to skip driving scenes cuz driving first person in games kills me

    Chris MctaggartChris MctaggartTháng trước
  • How do u get friendzoned in a game😭😭😭

    Archbishop PerseusArchbishop PerseusTháng trước
  • That friendzone has happened to me many times😣

    Vortex GDVortex GDTháng trước
  • LMAO Trev is spitting facts 😂

    J WJ WTháng trước
  • panam got that badonk

  • Hey trev loving the vids especially wit finals coming next week keep up the great work 👍🏽. P.S: I recommend using 3rd person when driving, it’s easier and I think a lot of ppl want that.

    Ratchet1786Ratchet1786Tháng trước
  • bro go help judy fam

    Shlomo TshimbalangaShlomo TshimbalangaTháng trước
  • 9:11 “first time she ever let me driv”*immediately crashes* trevor is the best lol😂

    Flyzo K’Flyzo K’Tháng trước
    • 9:11? Really?

      Jack FrostJack Frost24 ngày trước
    • @Erfan Ezabadi actually, it’s the best time stamp you’ll have so please don’t come here saying it’s not when it’s obviously is

      Flyzo K’Flyzo K’Tháng trước
    • @Erfan Ezabadi it’s not supposed to be immediately to the point. Yes it is a good time stamp.

      Flyzo K’Flyzo K’Tháng trước
    • Not a good time stamp

      Erfan EzabadiErfan EzabadiTháng trước
    • 😂😂☺️

      global phenomglobal phenomTháng trước
  • Big simp in boi, I see u Trev

    Avram JohnsonAvram JohnsonTháng trước
  • I got something else you can Fidel with😂 by the time I get through one episode there’s another one out😂

    Elijah's vlogsElijah's vlogsTháng trước
  • Kiss

    Anakin ErhardAnakin ErhardTháng trước
  • dude get out in the desert again!

    Rogier is hierRogier is hierTháng trước
  • trev always going straight in lmao

    monaxxmonaxxTháng trước
  • 33:03 we had the same reaction lmaooo 😳

    BlacckBlacckTháng trước
    • Haha

      Kaitlyn owenKaitlyn owen18 ngày trước
  • please press Q when driving so u go into third person

    Ya BoiYa BoiTháng trước
  • Trev stop putting bad titles

    Sultan 1Sultan 1Tháng trước
  • Finally

    21 Savage graal21 Savage graalTháng trước
  • Dude tmartn in copying mkiceandfire it has the same thumbnail and it was released the same time he released part19

    David SrbinoskiDavid SrbinoskiTháng trước
    • Stfu

      Ballin Like CurryBallin Like CurryTháng trước