Cyberpunk 2077 - The End (Panam Aldecaldos Best Ending)

16 Th12, 2020
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  • I rendered/uploaded this video FIVE TIMES, it took VIworld THREE DAYS to process one of them to HD. Sorry for the delay, enjoy the ending! Long live Pan!

    TmarTn2TmarTn2Tháng trước
    • Pan is the best character she feisty and hot and her personality is great what’s not to love about her

      Red HoodRed Hood29 ngày trước
    • @breatheplz no she doesn't dude

      HighVationHighVationTháng trước
    • Trever bro I reported spect Matt for u bro

      Braden ShelbyBraden ShelbyTháng trước
    • Can you heart my comment pls?

      Suzushī YTSuzushī YTTháng trước
    • Panam died

      breatheplzbreatheplzTháng trước
  • 1:39:09 it’s sticky in here🤣🤣🤣

    Jayson BlackfordJayson Blackford6 ngày trước
  • 41:35. It’s so funny he doesn’t edit that out🤣

    Jayson BlackfordJayson Blackford6 ngày trước
  • This game is really bad

    Mason MullinsMason Mullins6 ngày trước
  • oh man if you waited five minutes when choosing the choice you would have got an secret ending i got it and it was good

    anoymous 123anoymous 1238 ngày trước
  • Play the alternate endings

    MasterChief 0970MasterChief 09708 ngày trước
  • I was hoping for this ending. But I ended up with the ending where you turn into johnny

    The Cutthroat ResolutionThe Cutthroat Resolution8 ngày trước
  • I liked the secret ending going in the front doors of arasaka tower with Johnny and killing everyone no one dies plus all the post credits are good.

    Bailey StrikeBailey Strike9 ngày trước
  • So glad I picked this ending. It was such a hard choice to the Aldecaldos in harms way but ultimately it worked out.

    Noah LachNoah Lach9 ngày trước
  • "My life was in a million pieces, you broke it into a million more. But sometimes it's only then that you can piece it together again".

    wolvwolv10 ngày trước
  • I also chose the Panam ending, but i had completely different dialogues with Johnny and Alt starting at 1:23:25

    Evgenij007Evgenij00711 ngày trước
  • 11:03 as soon as he was like I'm at a ripperdoc I about flipped and said it better be Victor

    Kaitlyn owenKaitlyn owen12 ngày trước
  • 1:01:20 that isn’t Johnny’s pistol he didn’t have a revolver

    ShoichiGamingShoichiGaming13 ngày trước
  • That’s water

    Benji HermanBenji Herman13 ngày trước
  • Once you got everything except love oneday, then you knew how stupid you're not to choose this ending with panam, and it cure everything eventurlly.

    Tuff LeungTuff Leung14 ngày trước
  • So panam could help cure and or stop V from dying?

    COOLPEAKCOOLPEAK14 ngày trước
  • Panam and Saul had a good idea there

    Camsters_CoolCamsters_Cool14 ngày trước
  • No take the blockers and go with Panam

    Camsters_CoolCamsters_Cool14 ngày trước
  • This is simply the best ending, CDPR just needs to make this the canon ending. To me it makes the most sense, after going through everything V has and seeing the darkness and despair of Night City, why wouldn’t you want to leave with the Aldecaldos. They should just make it canon & make a sequel or DLC expansion with V, Panam & aldecaldos in Arizona looking for a cure.

    Yung HotwingYung Hotwing15 ngày trước
  • I got this ending first try on my first playthrough! Super happy I trusted my gut and was able to come out on top; thank you CD Projekt Red for creating such a masterpiece for every one of us, it is almost unheard of for a dev team to create a game that truly lives up to its expectation.

    ShoukaShouka15 ngày trước
  • I played the selfless nomad v who helped people who needed it and panam , just completely takes him off guard cause usually he has to ask people todo things for him for money , but she is just like “ok “

    colton johnsoncolton johnson16 ngày trước
  • I see you didnt save Goro. I did the same ending as you and getting Goros messege in the end was really sad

    Noah Vigorena RappNoah Vigorena Rapp16 ngày trước
  • After thinking about it the best ending is the Arasaka ending where you leave. Headcanon: You can still take on the last job or go to the Aldecaldos just this time nobody of your friends or of Johnny friends had to die. That sad the secret ending is better because you don't need helpt from Arasaka you destroy it and you free all the souls in soulkiller but then you take on the last mission automatically which is a bid annyoing since you could also go for the Panam ending at this point. It is frustrating how this games does limit your decision

    Walker TalkerWalker Talker17 ngày trước
  • Simp.

    zvagnuszvagnus18 ngày trước
  • Theres some legendary clothes next to the basilisk at the end

    Steady DippinSteady Dippin21 ngày trước
  • DLC better be about V and Panam in AZ and finding a cure finally for V. Or I will riot

    Jacob BaeseJacob Baese21 ngày trước
    • I feel like it has to be canon at this point. Really no other ending can match that

      noahnoah13 ngày trước
  • I selected “you killed a good man today Adam Smasher” picked up Saul’s shotgun, got a unique pickup animation for it, aimed it towards Smasher’s cyborg skull, charged up Saul’s shotgun and released the trigger “deciding Smasher’s fate”. 💀💥

    Ryan ClarkRyan Clark22 ngày trước
  • Just beat the game and got this exact ending... Like seriously what the actual feck?!! I am actually having to process my emotions right now. My V started out as a nomad who left his family because they sold out to some corpo rats only to come full circle to find his true family in the Aldecaldos. It’s depressing as heck that Saul, Bobby and Teddy all sacrificed their lives to ensure V and Panam could make it to Mikoshi especially Saul that hit really hard. Personally, I believe V continues living on, even after his expiry date. I’m sure Panam would not settle for anything less. She just makes you feel wonderful. “You’re mine now, V. You’ve been through so much; hell we both have. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you kicking as long as I am kicking.”

    Ryan ClarkRyan Clark22 ngày trước
  • Panam make me want a girlfriend a loyal girl a ride or die not these onlyfans bitches out there...i want me a panam...danm a video game got me on my feelings.....

    Will baggiinsWill baggiins23 ngày trước
  • the rogue ending totally complete johnny's story buy killing Adam having a last ride with rogue destroy the arasaka like he always wanted, and V finally became the Legend of night city like him and Jackie always wanted to be....THAT is the ending that sound more canon to me

    Will baggiinsWill baggiins23 ngày trước
  • Damn I can’t understand why my Basilisk explode a few seconds after I pass the border. It does it every time, I’m stuck...

    DrReisenderDrReisender23 ngày trước
  • 172 hours in 3 weeks and now i'm on a part, i never would be. i don't want to end it, so sad. fortunatly pam with me...

    fra lebfra leb23 ngày trước
  • Why'd he started clapping in the beginning I've only seen him do that when he's mad at something in a game lol?

    Damian AcuffDamian Acuff23 ngày trước

    itshenchmanitshenchman23 ngày trước
  • I haven't played as Male V, so please correct me if I am wrong. During Judy's missions she reveals to you that she wants to leave Night City. As female V I chose the 'Leave with the Aldecaldos' ending. Here is my two cents on why Female V has the best ending. V starts out by losing everything. Family, money and friends. This Female V ending nets her, a family (The Aldecaldos), a partner (Judy) and a best friend (Panam) and top of that, she leaves the hell hole that is NIght CIty with these amazing people. Can someone who has played this ending as male V, let me know if Judy leaves with you as your friend, or do you leave her behind. Nothing better than, leaving with a partner, a best friend and a family, at least in my opinion.

    zenkAi LuditzenkAi Ludit23 ngày trước
  • Getting this ending as a Nomad was the best. Full circle,

    Descendant of KraffDescendant of Kraff23 ngày trước
  • How am I supposed to find a girl like Panam ? I give this game a 10/10.... without the bugs....5/10. Now Its tiime to find my Panam, hope everyone does.I will edit this comment if i do find a girl like her.

    not funnynot funny24 ngày trước
  • Sky in the ground?? What';s your IQ? 45?

    Sebastian KrajewskiSebastian Krajewski24 ngày trước
  • If bugs are more iportant to you than ACTUAL STORY than I don't know what to tell you...Come up with a good story...nearly noone is capable of accomplishing that..fix bugs - any dev can do it with time given and resources...typical shallow american..I got used to that....

    Sebastian KrajewskiSebastian Krajewski24 ngày trước
  • So you didnt do ANY of the Dakota fixer sidequests. Theres like 20 lol

    T GreauxT Greaux24 ngày trước
  • I looked up the Pan Am airline and now I’m here

    Sgt. GunslingerSgt. Gunslinger24 ngày trước
  • " Good luck, V. Be free " Misty is such a sweetheart.

    VDAVDA25 ngày trước
    • "We shouldn't fear change itself, but only who we might turn into."

      ShoukaShouka15 ngày trước
  • I just got to the end credits a minute ago. And the game crashed after the first call for Vik. What a fitting end to this broken mess of a game lol. I ego it but this didn’t belong on last gen.

    Golden Ghost GodGolden Ghost God25 ngày trước
  • You missed out on a lot of fantastic side quests and meeting new characters. I thought you were telling the truth when you said you did the majority of side quests on Twitter. I don't even think you did 25% of them. Side quests are the best part of RPG's.

    Brian GucciBrian Gucci25 ngày trước
    • not really, while there is some very good sidequests with panam, river and judy, there are also a bunch of sidequests i could have done without. i like the game, but i think they should have rather went with less sidequests, but more polished ones with good story and cutscenes, instead of quantity.

      checka nr1checka nr1Giờ trước
  • The greatis ending of them all is the seceret ending if you want to know how to get it just ask me

    Zeidan BaagilZeidan Baagil25 ngày trước
  • Dont let your girl see this, she gonna be jealous

    Gaming Bacon4554Gaming Bacon455426 ngày trước
  • That guy looks suspiciously like Keanu Reeves? Or is it my John Wick projection onto him?

    MrBlackMrBlack28 ngày trước
  • I just wished the creators had taken more time with it, could've been a much more better game without the bugs, except that the game was excellent, the script for this thing was legit good!

    Shibin ThomasShibin Thomas28 ngày trước
  • You can't call me a simp because i love panam because everyone is in love with her😍💞

    Gauge MogleGauge Mogle28 ngày trước
  • I did the same thing i love panam i really do

    Miran MiranMiran Miran28 ngày trước
  • did anyone see what happens if you do all this but let johnny take the body? does johnny and panam go together?

    Abtin NassajiAbtin Nassaji28 ngày trước
  • You should play Car Mechanic Simulator

    Hawk LothridgeHawk Lothridge28 ngày trước
  • I want to see him do nomad and corpo to see how jobs and Jackie come in

    Red HoodRed Hood29 ngày trước
  • Played this on pc. Had no issues at all

    Ryan WhitacreRyan Whitacre29 ngày trước
    • But it still didn't live up the hype

      Shadow KnightShadow Knight22 ngày trước
  • He had the best reaction to Saul’s death... IM GONNA MESS YOU UP BOY!!!!

    Jackson DowellJackson Dowell29 ngày trước
  • True the hype was much for the game in my opinion I agree with you tmartn2 and thanks for your honesty that is why I will keep on watching you I hope you are going to play new games in the future i am looking forward to it😊

    veronicaveronica29 ngày trước
  • 1:16:15 I cant stop watching it

    Python hybridPython hybrid29 ngày trước
  • If only I could find a girl like panam irl

    JohnJohn29 ngày trước
  • this ending got me real good when I did it and the Nomad specifc voice line I had at 42:00 talking to Saul and Panam got me even Harder

    VETTEVETTE29 ngày trước
  • Almost feel like ma girl Panam is cheating on me watching this after having the same ending. Keep wanting more missions with her after I played it through but no :(

    Per RosenquistPer RosenquistTháng trước
  • Rip i chose a female character so I couldn't get with Panam, I am fine with Judy though.

    Bouncy TurtleBouncy TurtleTháng trước
  • The ending is amazing but now finished, I clicked on continue playing and now haven't got the Jacket that panam gives you when joining the crew. Probably as I was sent back to last save point but thought I'd get to keep it?

    Inside_talent0Inside_talent0Tháng trước
    • @Inside_talent0 agreed👍 guess you had bad luck🙁

      Joris WoudstraJoris Woudstra29 ngày trước
    • @Joris Woudstra it's Dope but it's a long missions after that point and I'll only do if again when it's confirmed to be fixed. I hate that after all the ending and collecting such a epic jacket which also has meaning to then not have it after the ending

      Inside_talent0Inside_talent029 ngày trước
    • @Inside_talent0 i'd try to do the mission again because it is a dope jacket

      Joris WoudstraJoris Woudstra29 ngày trước
    • @Inside_talent0 i got it, so thatz very weird🤷‍♂️

      Joris WoudstraJoris Woudstra29 ngày trước
    • @Joris Woudstra I googled it and apparently it's a thing, everything you collect past the point of no return, you can't keep... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

      Inside_talent0Inside_talent029 ngày trước
  • This was just beautiful.

    eMi.sk8reMi.sk8rTháng trước
  • Aldecados are the most interesting characters, wish the voodoo boys were fleshed out more. The other gangs are a bit cartoonish

    Obi Wan KenobiObi Wan KenobiTháng trước
  • why does trevor clap like that, anyone know?

    dlamini jnrdlamini jnrTháng trước
  • I’m glad about the 6 months to live, reason for a sequel

    harry Dharry DTháng trước
  • It’s a 4/10 what a joke. Awful gameplay and farr to much dialogue it sucks

  • My man started clapping for no reason at 0:57 what the heck was this about?

    DKSean 15DKSean 15Tháng trước
    • When he gets out of his gaming/commentary zone or something making sound outside his office he does that.

      One-Eyed GhoulOne-Eyed Ghoul25 ngày trước
  • I'm glad i also got this ending.Made the game for me.It was all about being with Panam in the end.(that's a lake)

    Old_Gamer55Old_Gamer55Tháng trước
  • What noooo

    lakshmivallabhlakshmivallabhTháng trước
  • Can someone who’s completed the game tell me if you can keep playing after finishing the Main story? I’ve been getting mixed results with my online searches

    Liam RileyLiam RileyTháng trước
    • You can

      PuRe DubzPuRe Dubz28 ngày trước
  • Hopefully this continues in a DLC with the struggle of finding a way to live

    Connor 1998Connor 1998Tháng trước
  • Did anyone notice the legendary outfit inside the tent at the ending and does anyone how To get it afterwards

    Konsta KauppinenKonsta KauppinenTháng trước
  • Are we able to play after the credits??

    Alfredo CHVLZMAlfredo CHVLZMTháng trước
  • We need a huge DLC after this

    Alfredo CHVLZMAlfredo CHVLZMTháng trước
  • Approximately how many hours of game play is there

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • Whats the soundtrack song, at the end when Panam and V are on the Panzer?

    Brandon LehrBrandon LehrTháng trước
  • I'm getting this game soon in gonna do the the story mode at first but complete side missions as soon as I can get all side missions done before the end game if possible

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • Moving so fast on the ship, but Panam’s hair is wind-resistant.

    LJ SwanepoelLJ SwanepoelTháng trước
  • Trev took V from V to Baraka hell yes

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • It’s called WATER

    Kyle RilesKyle RilesTháng trước
  • The ending i got was spoiler I was on a mission is space And then it ended on cliffhanger

    Aaron SweeneyAaron SweeneyTháng trước
  • 2077 is year in thegame

    karthik mahadevankarthik mahadevanTháng trước
  • That was my first ending and I couldn’t be more happy

    FarmBoySteveFarmBoySteveTháng trước
  • Best ening, don't care who you romance. Do this ending, your romance comes along.

    MadrockMadrockTháng trước
  • Don't know if already mentioned, but there are some other endings, you just chose on the roof too quickly.

    XStarfallenXStarfallenTháng trước
  • You didn't play the game at high quality settings. The game is so glitchy from the looks of it. AI sucks badly. Otherwise, if I ever get a new PC, I'll play it.

    Valeen 78Valeen 78Tháng trước
  • I loved the ending that you got. It's sad to see it ends but it was fun while it lased, keep up the good work Trev.

    dz1tonidz1toniTháng trước
  • Is the game free roam after the ending?????

    nishnanishnaTháng trước
  • I am going to pretend he doesn’t die after 6 months with her. I didn’t hear that part of the ending.

    goodmaninabadtime117goodmaninabadtime117Tháng trước
    • V got medicine that kinda keeps her/him alive, just need to see a ripperdoc now and then

      Interceptres IInterceptres ITháng trước
  • I thought it was weird how when it brought you back there was no mention of the whole 6 months to live or anything like that and then after the credits it took me back to the Hanako quest in Embers and I didnt have some of my stuff from during the ending. Is that supposed to happen?

    JackJackTháng trước
  • Wow... I actually got this ending too! Is it really the "best" one? It seemed like it. 😍

    Error ErrorError ErrorTháng trước
  • I would love to see the alternative endings to see what they are and you did real good on this series

    Clownkiller54jpClownkiller54jpTháng trước
  • Ty so much. My game glitched and I couldn't find her

    Joseph CingraniJoseph CingraniTháng trước
  • It’s like the made Panam in a fing computer! ^ see what I did there!?

    goodmaninabadtime117goodmaninabadtime117Tháng trước
  • Panam by far the best character in the game

    The Last AirbenderThe Last AirbenderTháng trước
  • RIP soul ☹️

    speed hunterspeed hunterTháng trước
  • i get van der lin gang vibes from the aldecados

    Jack ShaughnessyJack ShaughnessyTháng trước
  • Does Panam remind anyone of Jhene Aiko or is it just me 😂

    marcus maynesmarcus maynesTháng trước
  • WTF is wrong with Misty's hair?

    Bob HBob HTháng trước