Immortals Fenyx Rising - Early Access Gameplay

22 Th10, 2020
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Can't tell you how excited I am for this one! Enjoy!
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Thank you for watching! 😎
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  • This gives me zelda BOTW vibes

    PulsatinqPulsatinq26 ngày trước
  • Can someone explain why trevor dont have so much likes he has 4 mil subs and barely 1 kor 3 k likes its sad cause he deserves more tbh. I love watching his series

    DASH-3456RDASH-3456R28 ngày trước
  • 28:40 he was like - I don't play like that. I'm leaving!

    Misio PuchatekMisio PuchatekTháng trước
  • I feel like i played this before 🤔

    danOneEightydanOneEightyTháng trước
  • Dude this game is fire! Can't wait for more videos in the future! ✨🙌

    TSH studiosTSH studiosTháng trước
  • It’s funny because I just learned about mythology

    Ashton LambAshton LambTháng trước
  • Did you know they are having more splatfeast?

    【R】【u】【b】【y】【R】【u】【b】【y】Tháng trước
  • This game looks like so much fun! I am in the process of saving up for a PS5 (which will take me a bit) but this will definitely go on the top of my to play list!

    Lauren BLauren BTháng trước
  • U should make another planet zoo series. That was a really good series u should make another

  • This looks amaaaaazing.. love everything about it so far.. especially love the narration as you bop about lol very tounge in cheek and epic.

    Martin MillarMartin MillarTháng trước
  • For the first time in like 10 years Ubisoft actually got my attention xD

    For HyruleFor HyruleTháng trước
  • this does remind me alot of breath of the wild with the open world look and exploration and the puzzles like the shrines in botw but it also looks really fun to play also the greek mythology is a cool setting to i think this will be really cool when it comes out.

    JackGamingFTWJackGamingFTWTháng trước
  • You should play Raji its a fun game

    Solus The KingSolus The KingTháng trước
  • The voice actor of Zeus sounds like the voice actor of Socrates in Assassin's Creed Odyssey (:

    SharonSharonTháng trước
  • wow this game is so good i wish it was free forever

    Solus The KingSolus The KingTháng trước
  • Genshin impact Dark European edition

    neo andersonneo andersonTháng trước
  • Too much faking to be excited

    neo andersonneo andersonTháng trước
  • can you start snowrunner again

    Amanda ThomasAmanda ThomasTháng trước
  • lolubisoft

    Shit KickerShit KickerTháng trước
  • can you please change characters to male i want to see how it looks

    Kayden RugabaKayden RugabaTháng trước
  • This has to be free to play right?

    samuelbrolinmediasamuelbrolinmediaTháng trước
  • Bring back mobile mondays

    MichealMichealTháng trước
  • Achilles has some of the moves from the movie Troy where Brad Pitt plays Achilles, like the one at 27:46.

    lacieelacieeTháng trước
  • I played it on stadia I was suprised how much fun the combat was. I wanted to play more after the demo. It changed my mind. Stadia has a free month trial if u wanna try the demo.

    madison davismadison davisTháng trước
  • Ghost of Tsushima vibes?

    Trevor StraussTrevor StraussTháng trước
  • Greek mythology seems to be coming back into popularity in the gaming world lately. I love it.

    Greg G.Greg G.Tháng trước
  • Why is your play through different from mine? It doesn’t let me choose between girl or boy

    TattedxScorpioTattedxScorpioTháng trước
  • Looks like if kid icarus and breath of the wild had a baby

    Kyng AmoreKyng AmoreTháng trước
  • Very cool artstyle: the graphics and atmosphere look really nice. And yeh, trevs character is lowkey kinda cute 😋

    Willy SeverusWilly SeverusTháng trước
  • Is it online

    Lutendo NetshitomnoniLutendo NetshitomnoniTháng trước
  • First botw then genshin impact and then this???

    Mohammed Avdol the cool camel-ridin' niggaMohammed Avdol the cool camel-ridin' niggaTháng trước
  • It is sooooo COOOOOLLL!!!!!!!!

    Clyde BlanchardClyde BlanchardTháng trước
  • I don't care how much hate I'm gonna get but I'm more excited about this game than cyberpun

    PA DailyPA DailyTháng trước
  • This game looks awesome

    ChokyoChokyoTháng trước
  • 7:39 “She’s lowkey kinda cute” Never change Trevor 😂

    Revin MacsRevin MacsTháng trước
  • Trev could play anything and I'd watch it tbh

    JaiteghJaiteghTháng trước
  • This looks genuinely fantastic!

    Candyy KidCandyy KidTháng trước
  • Google Stadia......hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

    AndyAndyTháng trước
  • Whatchu gonna do when all the new next gen games come out lol

    John StarkJohn StarkTháng trước
  • If AC oddessey and breath of the wild had a baby

    Shahruz KhanShahruz KhanTháng trước
  • The legend of genshin: Breath of the rising fenyx

    Elevated -Elevated -Tháng trước
  • This game reminds me of genshin impact and The Legend of Zelda

    Nathaniel HardenNathaniel HardenTháng trước
  • thought he was playing genshin impact for a second

    someone heresomeone hereTháng trước
  • Oh man this game is gonna be amazing.

    Byron Wright Jr.Byron Wright Jr.Tháng trước
  • Okay, this looks good... I'll likey be picking it up

    john burkettjohn burkettTháng trước
  • Is it co-op tho?

    Face MakaveliFace MakaveliTháng trước
  • God of war ? But less bloddy ?

    AWePen 15AWePen 15Tháng trước
  • AC Odyssey?! 😂😂

    Nick CrippenNick CrippenTháng trước
  • I just came here to comment so you start a Volta Series for FIFA 21 like the last one. Love and Support from your soccer loving fans ❤️

    LV10LV10Tháng trước
  • What happened to trev and chels?

    brendan. flabrendan. flaTháng trước
  • This game doesn’t Look great tbh

    Onion the Millionaire TraderOnion the Millionaire TraderTháng trước
  • honestly i love you Trevor but this game is a straight rip off of botw

    Wizard RainWizard RainTháng trước
  • You should try Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, you would probably like it.

    WyxelWyxelTháng trước
  • Agree it’s like a Zelda for ps

    chris sheerinchris sheerinTháng trước
  • Play part 2 pleaseLove all your videos bro

    DogohekimaGameDogohekimaGameTháng trước
  • I haven’t seen the jeep in your vlogs or super cooper Sunday in a while, what happened to it?

    United MilitaryUnited MilitaryTháng trước
  • This looks like a game that would be on Nintendo switch

    Caleb QuinteroCaleb QuinteroTháng trước
  • Genshin Impact is already out

    BalezBalezTháng trước
  • Am I the only who thinks her accent sounds russian or something?

    Leon NLeon NTháng trước
  • Bringing me bacc to 2018 Odyssey vibes 😂😂

    Assassination LifestyleAssassination LifestyleTháng trước
  • omg!!! i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hwanghwi JINHwanghwi JINTháng trước
  • You should play plasmaphobia

    Jonathan KailJonathan KailTháng trước
  • After playing god of war just Zeus man Jesus

    Mr GamerMr GamerTháng trước
  • Look like genshin impact

    Sekh MaijulSekh MaijulTháng trước
  • Hey Trevor you should do planet coaster btw keep up the great work

    Alpha_243ytAlpha_243ytTháng trước
  • You should be grinding genshin impact rn

    XtremefestXtremefestTháng trước
  • Game looks amazing

    DepvDepvTháng trước
  • I thought this was genshin

    Cookies And TacosCookies And TacosTháng trước
  • Ubisoft is actually going to impress me this year with this game and Valhalla. Not something I would ever have predicted.

    FabianFabianTháng trước
  • Imagine Trevor playing Phasmophobia

    SaftOmanSaftOmanTháng trước
  • Bro play Indian brand-new game "Raji-an ancient epic

    Mr RollexMr RollexTháng trước
  • Please play genshin impact

    Ato AndersonAto AndersonTháng trước
  • The game is like Prince of Persia..

    OneEye35OneEye35Tháng trước
    • Ikr

      saumya shettysaumya shettyTháng trước
  • Anyone get Roman from gta 4 flashback when Zeus said cousin

  • zeus sounds like markos from sc oddyssey

    Yuganshu BhurtelYuganshu BhurtelTháng trước
  • It is not actual Achilles .It is corrupted Achilles

    Gaming StudioGaming StudioTháng trước
  • Game looks quite interesting but Genshin impact has already taken up the slot for my go-to open world rpg

    C4 SurenC4 SurenTháng trước
  • Ngl, I'm getting some serious breath of the wild vibes.....

    BenjaminBenjaminTháng trước
    • That's a good thing.

      DeiviasDeiviasTháng trước
  • Its in the breath of the wild, Genshin impact Style of game play actually i think its more like genshin impact then breath of the wild

    CloudyCloudyTháng trước
  • Nice video, can you make more?

    KML 11KML 11Tháng trước
  • This is a blend of way to many games to list. idk about zelda though. maybe KOA Reckoning, or Fable.

    DevonsTooMuchDevonsTooMuchTháng trước
  • Okay does Zeus have the same voice actor as Markos from AC Odyssey or is this just me?

    ChannonChannonTháng trước
  • Loved the two gods... Lol🤣🤣

    Aditya SinghAditya SinghTháng trước
  • lmao he sounded like roman from gta 4 when he said "my favorite cousin"

    Young Savag3Young Savag3Tháng trước
  • The skill thing looks like that one assassins creed game

    Dark PhoenixDark PhoenixTháng trước
  • This game is legit a rip of breath of the wild

    Tuna ManTuna ManTháng trước
  • Who remembers when he drained that half court shot in front of 18,000 people for 5000$

    JosiahTheLegend21JosiahTheLegend21Tháng trước
  • I'm prefer spellbreak

    kuririnkuririnTháng trước
  • Reminds me of God of war

    VINEETHA NandanVINEETHA NandanTháng trước
  • People who are excited for hyrule warrios: age of calamity and legend of zelda breath of the wild 2 👇

    YerxyYerxyTháng trước
  • Oh and forgot to say I love your vids keep up the good work

    Live Kids GamesLive Kids GamesTháng trước
  • Hey Trevor... I love all your videos and have been watching u for the past 2 years... When r u playing the harry potter game?

    Arundhati KumarArundhati KumarTháng trước
  • I thought this was genshin impact :(. u need to be on the genshin grind brotha

    Domenic TateDomenic TateTháng trước
  • I'm pretty sure cyclops are real and I had one of em at my high school.

    vegastjgvegastjgTháng trước
  • Trevor: there is a glowing orange thing up there me: so you mean the candle

    Addison FarquharsonAddison FarquharsonTháng trước
  • Not really into rpg mythology games or just rpg games in general but DAMN does this look interesting!

    J. M.J. M.Tháng trước
  • You should do two or three episodes on Among Us

    Jiya JJiya JTháng trước
  • I get some wow vibes from this

    rouge wazarouge wazaTháng trước
  • It looks kinda like genshin impact

    the hybridthe hybridTháng trước
  • 18:42 it's a God of War reference i think 😅

    Juan AgostoJuan AgostoTháng trước