Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Part 8 - Birth of Doctor Octopus

29 Th11, 2020
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  • Where is part 7??? It went from part 6 to part 8 and Ik there’s a part or mission missing from when u left off in part 6 and then where u began in part 8.

    Dylan HicksDylan Hicks22 ngày trước
  • Dang they really predicted Covid-19

    Chris HullettChris HullettTháng trước
  • 24:15 The Sinister Six is Born BAY BAY!

    JWUniverseJWUniverseTháng trước
  • I absolutely love miles’s role in the game. Am I interupting 😂

    Loco KidoLoco KidoTháng trước
  • why is he acting like this is his first time playing

    Jackson HannaJackson HannaTháng trước
  • I like how Trev is acting like he hasn't play this game B4

    ExtinctExtinctTháng trước
  • 30:33 Tony Stark Building (Avengers)

    SamSamTháng trước
  • Do another video please I am loving this

    Buddy The PoochBuddy The PoochTháng trước
  • we want full series please

    KryptonKryptonTháng trước
  • my tummy herts me!

    jalal ammarjalal ammarTháng trước
  • 26:09 lol his face

    Monkey BananaMonkey BananaTháng trước
  • great vid trev

    Jevarn RJevarn RTháng trước
  • He helped him to that

    Trina GarciaTrina GarciaTháng trước
  • You can tell how hard he was trying to not spoil any possible plot points if the game, considering that he has already played the initial form of the game.

    SilPherrSilPherrTháng trước
  • The Sinister

    James EspeyJames EspeyTháng trước
  • Who laugh when he said martin Li

    baby grokubaby grokuTháng trước
  • Does this include the DLC?

    AmmoniteAmmoniteTháng trước
  • Trevor, you are such an amazing VIworldr. You inspire me every day to become a better person. Please keep up the hard work! I hope you have a successful life!

  • Love the series man 👍

    Cannot GameCannot GameTháng trước
  • I got chills so much that my body shook when miles just saved peter

    Sajan SkariaSajan SkariaTháng trước
  • 26:48 kinda fells like covid-19

    box likes aviationbox likes aviationTháng trước
  • Can you please play snowrunner season 2

    djpack3djpack3Tháng trước
    • Please please please

      djpack3djpack3Tháng trước
  • this games still feels so cool!

    chibuike richardchibuike richardTháng trước
  • Doc ock

    Sabre Gaming GuidesSabre Gaming GuidesTháng trước
  • Succes

    Hector HernandezHector HernandezTháng trước
  • 17:00 THEY DIDNT DIE. He webbed them look closely he shot two webs for them to be stuck at

    Harshil ShivdasaniHarshil ShivdasaniTháng trước
  • Trev be like: Woah what he has four arms?!?! Me be like: Trev the movie...THE MOVIE...DIDNT U SEE IT?!?!?

    Jule RitterJule RitterTháng trước
  • love this game one of my favs

    jason lansdownejason lansdowneTháng trước
  • Now I can watch this freely knowing that nothing is going to get spoiled

  • 27:54 the ice looooks sooooooo good

    Jrock alldayJrock alldayTháng trước
  • I love how he is acting like he never played this game LMAO

    dabdab 931dabdab 931Tháng trước
  • i was so upset to see miles morales was so short. was so happy to see you start this series up, and keep the spiderman content coming💪. keep it up!

    RobFXRobFXTháng trước
  • Can u do 4k pls

    Deniz ÖzyayDeniz ÖzyayTháng trước
  • 16:59 dude they didn’t die an I’m just now realizing it slow the video down the playback speed to 0.25x an you will see what spidey does to them Bc if u watch it at regular speed it would seem like he killed them but he didn’t

    Jeremiah ThorntonJeremiah ThorntonTháng trước
  • People watch series on Netflix.. but I watch @Tmartn2🤩

    Shabih AbbasShabih AbbasTháng trước
  • I get frustrated when Trevor doesn't dodge when the Spidey sense shows up.Sometimes I understand but the other times I just don't know why he doesn't.

    Ajay Kumar ReddyAjay Kumar ReddyTháng trước
  • One of the best series on yt love your vids.

    Malique WilkersonMalique WilkersonTháng trước
  • Pretty much any inmate reaction if they don’t like the answer, the destroy things..

    Cat Mom To Autumn and MooseCat Mom To Autumn and MooseTháng trước
  • Just like in real life the panmic

    Enrique CastilloEnrique CastilloTháng trước
  • Love this Spider-Man series trev keep it up good job

    Harman BinningHarman BinningTháng trước
  • Rad Brad vs tmartn2 ?????

    Marina VenisiousMarina VenisiousTháng trước
  • I really like the new Peter Parker face

    PsychoTVPsychoTVTháng trước
  • 26:13 dr octavious started COVID!

    Soldier 28Soldier 28Tháng trước
  • Awesome😀.

    William Folwell Shryock CookeWilliam Folwell Shryock CookeTháng trước
  • Trevor you played the original you knew he was gonna say that.

    Deshunn VassallDeshunn VassallTháng trước
  • Now I don’t want to sound off-topic on the game, but, why aren’t the other neighboring cities helping? Just a thought.

    ParkParkTháng trước
  • Up

    ynw gangynw gangTháng trước
  • Yhh

    ynw gangynw gangTháng trước
  • Mmm

    ynw gangynw gangTháng trước
  • Notice how peters mug says aim indestreses Great subtle reference to the new avengers

    Cayden FosterCayden FosterTháng trước
  • I like how Trevor is so surprised at what happens even though he already played it 😂

    Tonelokester SalazarTonelokester SalazarTháng trước
  • The sound affect of the cup breaking is from minecraft

    Gaming with JohnGaming with JohnTháng trước
  • Hi Like if you watched the original series

    Riley HarrisRiley HarrisTháng trước
  • 25:53: who else said 'I have the high ground.' lol

    Yuganshu BhurtelYuganshu BhurtelTháng trước
  • The six super villains have a team name: The Sinister Six.

    Ryan RobertsonRyan RobertsonTháng trước
  • I love the spider man videos they are the best.

    ITZ_ MONZEITZ_ MONZETháng trước
  • Hi Trevor

    Roderick Roblox godRoderick Roblox godTháng trước
  • can’t wait for part 9!!

    J HJ HTháng trước
  • Lol this game was ahead of it time with the quarantine stuff 😂

    Evan SanchezEvan SanchezTháng trước
  • Is it just me or is there no part 7??

    Ryan StarkeyRyan StarkeyTháng trước
  • Anyone remembers "the six man god squad of enemies."😂😂😂😂

    Kevin T JohnKevin T JohnTháng trước
  • Hey so like i’m gonna need more videos of this like ASAP!!! Thanks :)

    Sgt MasterB100Sgt MasterB100Tháng trước
  • T there called The Sinister Six

    Jerobb JardinJerobb JardinTháng trước
  • Trevor when you gonna start play nba2k21 next gen?

    BIGRODBIGRODTháng trước
  • Show me that octopusy

    Marcus VelazquezMarcus VelazquezTháng trước
  • MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh, and I am FIRST!

    iDrxpiDrxpTháng trước
  • Is it just me, or does anyone else hate the new face for Peter? It just makes him look like a kid, although he's supposed to be an adult out of college in this story.

    Sandwich Boi03Sandwich Boi03Tháng trước
  • Why do you have to look at a google picture for the puzzle things theyre so easy🤣

    Ben ChaplinBen ChaplinTháng trước
  • You skipped episode seven but its fine

    Muffin Man DanMuffin Man DanTháng trước
    • @Daury Davis oh yeah bro sorry my bad I thought he accidentally named it 8 instead

      Muffin Man DanMuffin Man DanTháng trước
    • He's done episode 7

      Daury DavisDaury DavisTháng trước
  • I appreciate you Trevor not spoiling the game for others while also making it entertaining for people who both have and have not played the game. Much love 💙

    RapperStuffRapperStuffTháng trước
  • Hi

    Ali MujicicAli MujicicTháng trước
  • Trevor please when ever u do a finisher u can web strike to them and u will still be able to chain the finisher u don’t have to run to them u can still web strike but u have to do it quick enough please see this comment🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣

    XelzXXelzXTháng trước
  • And that's when Miles knew he already had Spidey's number.

    derobotlabderobotlabTháng trước
  • Your dogs are really cute

    Blake DurantBlake DurantTháng trước
  • (5)HAAAAA!!!!

    jaco8710 jaco8710jaco8710 jaco8710Tháng trước
  • Love your vids

    Blake DurantBlake DurantTháng trước
  • (4)MEEEE

    jaco8710 jaco8710jaco8710 jaco8710Tháng trước
  • (3)HAAA

    jaco8710 jaco8710jaco8710 jaco8710Tháng trước
  • (2)MEEE

    jaco8710 jaco8710jaco8710 jaco8710Tháng trước
  • (1) KAME

    jaco8710 jaco8710jaco8710 jaco8710Tháng trước
  • Aunt may .... I don’t wanna see you go

    GhostLeeGhostLeeTháng trước
  • Trev:"Doctor Octopus" Doctor Octopus wants to know your location

    Jerry TheoJerry TheoTháng trước
  • i rly thought it was h3 in the thumbnail

    dilanfdddilanfddTháng trước
  • Trev. Buy a plane.. okay? And do the flight simulator videos but in real life ..😏😏. With the facts and everything. That would be great. Oh, can’t forget the aviators either.

    Benny BoyBenny BoyTháng trước
  • Can you make another video in the next 2 hours

    Fat IdotFat IdotTháng trước
  • Didn’t he play the original Spider-Man game before.

    TRON PrimeTRON PrimeTháng trước
    • Yes

      DNLDNLTháng trước
  • It’s so funny how trev acts like he doesn’t know what’s going to happen 😂😂😂😂

    aidan decristofaroaidan decristofaroTháng trước
    • Yeah

      Naveen ValluriNaveen Valluri11 ngày trước
    • He said he does it to not spoil the game for people that don't know what happened oml guys stop with these comments 🤦‍♂️

      Hugo RosalesHugo RosalesTháng trước
    • Yeah I was about to comment the same thing lol🤣

      Austin CastroAustin CastroTháng trước
    • this game out like last year its remastered

      Dapreece McdonaldDapreece McdonaldTháng trước
    • Right 😂

      Ali SalemAli SalemTháng trước
  • This car is awesome as well

    NekunIlNekunIlTháng trước
  • This car is awesome as well

    NekunIlNekunIlTháng trước
  • Right on for the back to back spider man vids💯

    OfficialTaae -OfficialTaae -Tháng trước
  • Doesnt Otto look like Lester a bit?

    OrigamiOrigamiTháng trước
  • Damn spiderman predicted 2020

    William cWilliam cTháng trước
  • Love this so happy i got the ultimate release edition with the remastered version in it so happy love this game and the new one miles morales lol they did good on the remaster also supposedly only frames difference but to me the street and the surroundings look sharper and more detailed lol

    reviewfor thetubereviewfor thetubeTháng trước
  • Of course, that scumb**ch

    Emanuel HoEmanuel HoTháng trước
  • im assuming that electro can control anything that can conduct electricity

    Blobby MBSBlobby MBSTháng trước
  • Dude everybody in this game hates Norman Osborn

    RoPlaysGamesRoPlaysGamesTháng trước
  • Hello is the game any good might buy it for Christmas

    Glenn BarryGlenn BarryTháng trước
  • Amazing to look back and watch the series again also love the vids keep up the good work!

    RiverMemeRaps :RiverMemeRaps :Tháng trước
  • When are we going to get some cod

    Matt17Matt17Tháng trước
    • @Anthony saturley nah

      Sabre Gaming GuidesSabre Gaming GuidesTháng trước
    • Black ops Cold War sucks

      Anthony saturleyAnthony saturleyTháng trước
    • He uploads a ton and is like ALWAYS working, he’ll do it, just gotta be patient

      ThhhomasThhhomasTháng trước
  • 5:48 man acting like he hasn't played the game before lmaooo.

    OnlyAlbertoOnlyAlbertoTháng trước
    • @Cassidy Madu yeah

      CosmicKxmCosmicKxmTháng trước
    • 1:29 as well 😂

      LeonLeonTháng trước
    • He doesn’t want to spoil the game for those who didn’t see the first one. He just wants to give them the same experience just like he gave us before

      Litchee LiciousLitchee LiciousTháng trước
    • I know it’s so funny

      McDonald MindsetMcDonald MindsetTháng trước
    • Thank you it’s 😂 and

      XelzXXelzXTháng trước