Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Part 10 - The Best Mission

03 Th12, 2020
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  • Spider man again?

    Dany_vmanDany_vman5 ngày trước
  • Ay did MJ just find the spider that bite Miles 19:51

    Kevin WarKevin WarTháng trước
  • Trevor deserve 5 mil

    Smooth CJSmooth CJTháng trước
  • wink “gonna web you up later” 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Zain_ ShyjanZain_ ShyjanTháng trước
  • He created Miles

    Dr.D 22Dr.D 22Tháng trước
  • Fun Fact: That spider MJ was talking about was the spider that bit miles camouflage electric! 🤔😧

  • You should play xcom

    Sam TrickeySam TrickeyTháng trước
  • Twin Mirror part 3?????

    WonggWonggTháng trước
  • Completely unrelated to this game but who else thinks Trevor would like Minecraft?

    This Story GirlThis Story GirlTháng trước
  • “Bouta (clears throat)web you up later”😂😂😂😂

    John NorwoodJohn NorwoodTháng trước
  • Trev, are you planning on making anymore Twin Mirror vids? They’re pretty cool.

    Daniel CarenDaniel CarenTháng trước
  • You should make an Titanfall 1 video.

  • Please play more fenyx

    Jay MackallJay MackallTháng trước
  • I just love the way he acts like he doesn't know the story and who to solve the puzzle.

  • When this game ends and forza horizon 5 comes out can u play it

    Oskar MielkoOskar MielkoTháng trước
  • Hey Trev I really love your videos! I have a kinda of weird question, but since you don't play Counter Strike anymore. Is there any chance you could gift me a knife? Even if you don't love your videos. Love the content.

    Ty BurketTy BurketTháng trước
  • Hey Trevor if you read this I love your videos if you see this I want to say how much your videos make me happy whenever you don’t post anything I get impatient for more lol. Live the videos hope you read this. ❤️❤️

    MattMattTháng trước
  • We want twin mirror

    Gentrit AliuGentrit AliuTháng trước
  • Can you pls do more twin mirror

    EonSZNEonSZNTháng trước
  • Scorpion obviously isn't very bright. At 3:30, he called rhino an 8 ton infant. At 4:49, he says 800 pound infant.

    Jacob BrownJacob BrownTháng trước
  • Hl

    Sameerpjjjwja SamiraSameerpjjjwja SamiraTháng trước
  • In the rhino fight, it's easier to hit him then go up so he can't get you and dodge thrown items until he's in a good position for you to go down and him to charge you so he becomes vulnerable to the L1R1 thing. Never stay on the ground for the entire rhino fight.

    the chipmunkthe chipmunkTháng trước
  • 1:18, if the hulk showed up rhino wouldn't be saying that

    the chipmunkthe chipmunkTháng trước
  • cool

    Ritesh YedduRitesh YedduTháng trước
  • Damn so MJ is the one who is the reason miles is spiderman

    Gabriel BuićGabriel BuićTháng trước
  • Spiderman remastered looks Amazing in Ps5 😍😍

    Yloto GamingYloto GamingTháng trước
  • You should make more fortnite videos

    VinnuVinnuTháng trước
  • Awesome and yes😀.

    William Folwell Shryock CookeWilliam Folwell Shryock CookeTháng trước
  • Spider-Man: is he dead? Rhino runs over ole boy... Rhino: am I a joke to you?

    Ezequiel AlvarezEzequiel AlvarezTháng trước
  • Post Twin Mirror Part 3⁉️

    Rovito #65Rovito #65Tháng trước
  • Aww come on Trevor Iv been waiting for you to play the dragon ball z kakarot dlc 2 I am not watching it until you do

    later manlater manTháng trước
    • I guess we all know the next miles morales dlc green goblin

      later manlater manTháng trước
  • Do you know this second playthrough is nearly longer then his original playthrough of spider man wtf

    Cody BlackleyCody BlackleyTháng trước
  • When MJ was talking about the spiders that Osborn was trying to create she mentioned powers that Miles now has!

    Exotic BlitzzExotic BlitzzTháng trước
    • yes that’s the whole point

      stuhnstuhnTháng trước
  • Yeah so far it's the best mission coz he applies all his skills and rhino's english is funny

    Daniel M.MainaDaniel M.MainaTháng trước
  • What’s crazy is that that’s the spider that bit miles. “Bio electricity” “Cloaking” 🧠🧠

    Aj2CoxAj2CoxTháng trước
    • Lol Trevor acknowledges it after I post it of course

      Aj2CoxAj2CoxTháng trước
  • 19:51 reference to Miles Morales

    Victor SemedoVictor SemedoTháng trước
  • Twin mirror?????

    Recent RainRecent RainTháng trước
  • Why you won't let me sleep on time😅

    Tanishq ChotaniTanishq ChotaniTháng trước
  • Yo Trevor I got an important question for ya. Do u believe in God? Just wondering? Are u Christian?

    Nate BateNate BateTháng trước
  • is there a pc version of this game i love it

    Chaos At lastChaos At lastTháng trước
    • I dont know man I love it also

      AdithyaAdithyaTháng trước
  • Play Twin mirror

    Rohit ChhaiyaRohit ChhaiyaTháng trước
  • Cant wait till he drop another one

  • BIG HERO 6

    Smija PrathapSmija PrathapTháng trước
  • Do they have the remastered for ps4?

    Dalton StoneDalton StoneTháng trước
  • Ah yeah peak content ”about to web you up again” Trevor Martin

    Xtreme ClarkXtreme ClarkTháng trước
  • trev has been hitting the one liners lately

    Cor33Cor33Tháng trước
  • When are u uploading another episode of twin mirror

    ZetrymZetrymTháng trước
  • Man I am telling the truth that you are the best gamer...

    Akshansh DhautaAkshansh DhautaTháng trước
  • 0718 my bday 😅😅

    lileyolileyoTháng trước
  • No.11 eeee

    Uneducated EggUneducated EggTháng trước
  • you should do a series of gta5 game play

    Tyson RoseTyson RoseTháng trước
  • Keep them coming Trevor. I’m loving them!

    TH3_Lurker sTH3_Lurker sTháng trước
  • I can now enjoy the end of my birthday with a tmartn video

    Luis AraizaLuis AraizaTháng trước
    • Happy birthday

      Sensei Green42Sensei Green42Tháng trước
  • Man these upload durations are so less man

    ACS VlogsACS VlogsTháng trước
  • You gon post on yah main anytime soon?

    Calvin SimonCalvin SimonTháng trước
  • That's what they call me, amazing Spiderman.**wink** About to web you up later -Trevor 2020

    Aravind C,vaAravind C,vaTháng trước
  • It look like harry already has the green goblin virus this could be foreshadowing the next game

    Zachary Hay-Graham9GZachary Hay-Graham9GTháng trước
  • kinda liking the new face cam angle

    AxticAxticTháng trước
  • Can anyone tell me when Trevor is going to tell the winner of giveaway and how.

    Yash ShindekarYash ShindekarTháng trước
  • This game got me the hole day playing

    nkanyezi the gamernkanyezi the gamerTháng trước
  • Great upload of Spider-Man Remastered Trev great job bro I have so much respect for you and keep doing your thing, I can’t wait for part 11!!!

    Nathan BergNathan BergTháng trước
  • I can't wait when he does the dlcs again I love the dlcs on this game so cool and awesome

    Samuel DangerousSamuel DangerousTháng trước
  • Can u please make another episode of Twin Mirror

    Banana HumanBanana HumanTháng trước
  • I loves you super man video.but when You going to pop the question to your girlfriend?

    hound on ythound on ytTháng trước
  • I Want More Twin Mirror...please

    ProGamingProGamingTháng trước
  • The bio electric camouflage spider is what miles was bit with

    Jeremy EmdyJeremy EmdyTháng trước
  • Pc facecam angle????

    Awwad02Awwad02Tháng trước
  • Do more pga tour 2k21 pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    Burke MillerBurke MillerTháng trước
  • I hope u do more immortal tht Game is good with the greek gods also mary jane turn into spider woman by getting bite one those spider too trevor

    Jesiel CardenalesJesiel CardenalesTháng trước
  • Before I clicked, I thought it said The...End.

    Eric ChaEric ChaTháng trước
  • 27:13 Chels watching this like😰

    Reverse OFFReverse OFFTháng trước
    • Bouta web u up later 😉🙃

      Debbie BlozowichDebbie BlozowichTháng trước
  • Trev when are you going to start the Batman Arkham series

    Colby McmurphyColby McmurphyTháng trước
  • I guest Rhino was trying to help Spiderman after all he did knocked out scorpion

    Biscuit Caleb RemasterdBiscuit Caleb RemasterdTháng trước
  • I can't stand Sable for some reason.

    Paul SteinhauserPaul SteinhauserTháng trước
    • @Steady Killa I saw it in grammar school, high school, and even on shopping trips. Here's a quote for those people: "Be wary of what you say and do, for the acts will come back anew" Or in basic "be careful of what you say because it'll come back to bite you in the butt".

      Paul SteinhauserPaul SteinhauserTháng trước
    • @Paul Steinhauser I know same I hate those people that think they are doing sooo good but they are actually doing really bad

      Steady KillaSteady KillaTháng trước
    • @Steady Killa no seriously I've seen people like that it makes me sick.

      Paul SteinhauserPaul SteinhauserTháng trước
  • Where's immortals Fenyx rising?

    Kyle MillerKyle MillerTháng trước
  • Hey trev will you do another episode of twin mirror please

    hell houndhell houndTháng trước
  • hey Trevor there's an ability called the concussive blast grenade or something like that but I don't where or how to get it but its pretty useful when you're dealing with groups of enemies

    Michael JeongMichael JeongTháng trước
  • Hey trev your the best

    Jethro KhumaloJethro KhumaloTháng trước
  • 19:51 Miles’ powers

    Jace SJace STháng trước
  • About to web you up later -tmartn

    gabeh7707gabeh7707Tháng trước
  • Are we going to see more. Fenyx Rising

    Tyler WhiteTyler WhiteTháng trước
  • I want to play play ps5 but I don't have 🇵🇭

    火Boknoyy火BoknoyyTháng trước
  • there is pete

    miles morales gamesmiles morales gamesTháng trước
  • Thanks for the upload man

    Stacey HopsonStacey HopsonTháng trước
  • Trevor... Not with the puns again... 😂😂😂

    あいりんあいりんTháng trước
  • This game was amazing man platinum trophy on it yessir 🔥🔥

    Stacey HopsonStacey HopsonTháng trước
  • *wink* “gonna web you up later” 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Christopher M JaquezChristopher M JaquezTháng trước
    • Lol

      Zimkhitha MdekaziZimkhitha MdekaziTháng trước
  • Thanks trev for the daily uploads

    DoomDoomTháng trước
  • 19:43 Did anyone realize that Mj just explained Miles Morales Superpowers

    • Agreed

      SamritSamritTháng trước
    • IKR bc he got bit by one of these spiders

      Arlacia LeiteArlacia LeiteTháng trước
    • Lol

      Zimkhitha MdekaziZimkhitha MdekaziTháng trước
    • the next episode miles is gonna get nah i won’t spoil

      stuhnstuhnTháng trước
    • 42.

      James KnightJames KnightTháng trước
  • What happened to Immortals?

    Zach StoikoZach StoikoTháng trước
  • Where’s twin mirror

    Sean NgyuenSean NgyuenTháng trước
  • After seeing all these videos I can now say the new face grew on me...his emotions and expressions don't fit his voice but still grew on me 😂👌

    Miguel RosalesMiguel RosalesTháng trước
  • Last

    Blaise InsignaresBlaise InsignaresTháng trước
  • Twin mirror!!

    Oofs ThrowingOofs ThrowingTháng trước
  • Wgat

    Can you play make me fell betther DiazCan you play make me fell betther DiazTháng trước
  • First

    Cole SmithCole SmithTháng trước
  • Spider man always ❤️💙🕷️🕸️ get amazing timeing

    Jason BrodyJason BrodyTháng trước
  • Bring back PGA tour

    Cole BlagdonCole BlagdonTháng trước
  • Can't wait for another episode of twin mirror

    Dylan AmicucciDylan AmicucciTháng trước
  • Love ur vids so much trev.

    Dylan ZahmDylan ZahmTháng trước