Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered - Part 1 - The Beginning

22 Th12, 2020
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  • I played the original back in ‘10 it was amazing

    Supra. F2Supra. F25 ngày trước
    • I'm surprised with this games graphics back in the day It looks better than heat and payback

      Shadow KnightShadow Knight4 ngày trước
  • I want a good racing game for Ps5. Are they planning to release a next gen NFS any time soon? Im contemplating buying hot pursuit but idk if its just me, or but the graphics dont look that great tbh. Remastered and all. And if im not mistaken trevs playing on next gen right? So idk not sure what to do

    MahdeeMahdee6 ngày trước
  • 7:05 cool story but in iran we just can drive this Cars ( or even see them) in video games

    my last escapemy last escape8 ngày trước
  • Need for speed hot pursuit 2 on ps2 is the best n more realistic

    PrettyBoyErinPrettyBoyErin12 ngày trước
  • Dont hold your hand brake just press it

    Loot shotLoot shot13 ngày trước
  • B is to on the lights

    Harriet Tachie-MensonHarriet Tachie-Menson17 ngày trước
  • X is to brake on controller

    Harriet Tachie-MensonHarriet Tachie-Menson17 ngày trước
  • When did need for speed hit pursuit REMASTERED come out?

    Vince OuimetVince Ouimet18 ngày trước
    • 6th November

      Shadow KnightShadow Knight4 ngày trước
  • TmarTn2 the brake is the left trigger

    JonTae EdwardsJonTae Edwards18 ngày trước
  • You know what I'm trying to figure out? Why this looks like 2010 Hot Pursuit

    Matthew HolmesMatthew Holmes19 ngày trước
  • I 100 percented the original version of this

    GiltHaloGiltHalo19 ngày trước
  • The Only NFS Game I 100% Completed. Only other Racing Game I did that for was Burnout Paradise when it first was Released like a Decade ago!

    JWUniverseJWUniverse20 ngày trước
  • Remember when all his vids were Forza

    Alizé MayAlizé May20 ngày trước
  • Hot pursuit 2 was the first NFS game I played as a child . And imo still one of the top games ever . Just got the remastered HP for switch and it made me feel like a kid again . Now if they can just remaster my favorite :Most Wanted(2005)

    Forest CityyForest Cityy21 ngày trước
  • £17.99 on PSN currently, looks great on PS4 Pro.

    ColinColin22 ngày trước
  • I have this game, but it frames are 34 per second, at highest.

    Mornay Janse Van VuurenMornay Janse Van Vuuren23 ngày trước
  • i have the non remastered nfs hot pursuit

    Herbert EalesHerbert Eales23 ngày trước
    • The original version of the game still looks better than heat and payback lol

      Shadow KnightShadow Knight22 ngày trước
  • I drive that BMW

    Dimitri RossDimitri Ross23 ngày trước
  • Try and press A like in Forza.

    Riley SumnerRiley Sumner24 ngày trước
  • I remember playing this 4 years ago still fun!👍

    Vickie ChristianVickie Christian25 ngày trước
  • Saints row bud pls

    Decimation -Decimation -25 ngày trước
  • Can you make more vids of SCS plz and more car vids like this pwelz

    liv cashliv cash25 ngày trước
  • This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    SuperChiko 2.3SuperChiko 2.326 ngày trước
  • Time for us

    ionel ionelionel ionel26 ngày trước
  • My first nfs game was need for speed hot pursuit for the ps3

    CrazyFlipTacoCrazyFlipTaco27 ngày trước
  • I played hot pursuit 2 with my friends on the original Xbox. Some of the best times of my life. Staying up til 3 or 4 in the morning playing cod 2 and NFS.

    TheMrtTheMrt27 ngày trước
  • I get lowkey excited everytime i see "the beginning"

    Loki OdinsonLoki Odinson27 ngày trước
  • Rip nfs hp2 best game

    Jay AlvarezJay Alvarez28 ngày trước
  • I love the game and I played the original game on Xbox 360. Also I don’t really pay attention to the facts of the cars. Trev I kept crashing into the cars and objects.

    sebastian engelsmansebastian engelsman28 ngày trước
  • Would have been better to have a remake

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki28 ngày trước
  • Imagine if jessy is watching you and gets shocked because you remember him

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki28 ngày trước
  • This NFS has some of the best engine car sounds of any racing game and looks amazing even on my PS3 version. NFS Most Wanted 2005 and this are my two favorite from the series. It feels amazing to play the controls are spot on and has some of the best sense of speed of any racing game. I love the little details like the revving the engine when you choose your car and the camera view at the beginning of the race where your hauling ass down the road swerving through traffic. Awesome game!

    Dirk DigglerDirk Diggler28 ngày trước
  • Y’all remember the game burnout

    Marcus LandryMarcus Landry28 ngày trước
  • make it ‘genesis’ instead of the beginning

    SadInkSadInk28 ngày trước
  • The e brake be stronger then a hand brake turn

    Kristof KKristof K28 ngày trước
  • Dont hold x for so long tap it or hold it for .5 seconds e brake is a must trust

    Josias LiveJosias Live29 ngày trước
  • The game came out late in 2010 fyi

    Archie StiglitzArchie Stiglitz29 ngày trước
  • steams having a big sale btw 👁👄👁

    Ybn JavYbn Jav29 ngày trước
  • Im playtgame cube rn LOL fight night round 2

    Wallo2Godly rNWallo2Godly rN29 ngày trước
  • Get back in the crew 2

    aaron levitzaaron levitz29 ngày trước
  • Who else thinks they should remaster cod2

    Austin SmithAustin Smith29 ngày trước
  • Test Drive Unlimited as well

    Benjamin CarsonBenjamin Carson29 ngày trước
  • 22:02 LOL😂😂🔥

    َAD3L M.SَAD3L M.S29 ngày trước
  • 22:02 LOL😂😂🔥

    َAD3L M.SَAD3L M.S29 ngày trước
  • 17:21😂😂🔥

    َAD3L M.SَAD3L M.S29 ngày trước
  • 17:21😂😂🔥

    َAD3L M.SَAD3L M.S29 ngày trước
  • Should I buy this set I’m so torn ,I love need for speed a lot,but almost everyone I hear say this sucks

    Graham JosephGraham Joseph29 ngày trước
    • It's a great game . People are saying that this remaster isn't like a remaster

      Harvey GamesHarvey Games29 ngày trước
  • Fun fact: you are not allowed to drive a zonda at a race track because its too loud

    Dan MasonDan MasonTháng trước
  • Hi

    Ali The beastAli The beastTháng trước
  • Hi

    EeLEeLTháng trước
  • I used to play need for speed rivals

    Panda BoyPanda BoyTháng trước
  • They could’ve done a better job on the remaster..... especially with the amount of years that the original has been out for

    Jeremy TorresJeremy TorresTháng trước
    • @Likecomment Coolness yeah that's the good news It also includes all the dlcs for free

      Shadow KnightShadow Knight29 ngày trước
    • @Shadow Knight I think it’s nice because now you can play it on newer consoles

      Likecomment CoolnessLikecomment Coolness29 ngày trước
    • Doesn't even need a remaster

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • It looks like a ps 3 game

    Dancing 24 hoursDancing 24 hoursTháng trước
  • Less goo a bit late but NFS for life🔥🔥🔥

  • Is this on Xbox or PC?

    DraftARDraftARTháng trước
    • Its available for Xbox one, ps4 and steam

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • I can't wait to play this

    Josh KitchingJosh KitchingTháng trước
  • Anyone here play the FIRST NFS on the 3DO?

    Sean CSean CTháng trước
  • I also started on the second game on the gamecube. It'd be cool if they remastered that game too

  • That red Porsche reminds me of Paul Walker 😭🤧🕊

    Rantavious WilliamsRantavious WilliamsTháng trước
    • @Rantavious Williams 24:24

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
    • @Shadow Knight I didn’t hear him say it

      Rantavious WilliamsRantavious WilliamsTháng trước
    • He even said RIP Paul Walker

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • Haven't play this game in years. Yha i do like in older games you have so much freedom on making your cars faster and cooler these days its either pay up a lot or get a day one release everything is all caged in.

    MysticStrike ForceMysticStrike ForceTháng trước
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jonathan JosephJonathan JosephTháng trước
  • 22:06 *Top 10 anime betrayals* rip silver Mazda

    Pholrak ChantaratcharoenPholrak ChantaratcharoenTháng trước
  • How to make a remaster by EA Step one: Put remastered in the title Step 2: that's it

    inFamousPlays-YTinFamousPlays-YTTháng trước
    • I think they made it look sharper and put up contrast slightly This remaster is a cash grab

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • The Beginning, classic title for any series TmarTn2

    Housseynatou SouareHousseynatou SouareTháng trước
  • play CSR 2

    Christmann TassyChristmann TassyTháng trước

    TopsiGamerTopsiGamerTháng trước
  • Wow, this streamer can read the brochure

    Redbeard gamingRedbeard gamingTháng trước
  • Is rhis on ps5 or series x or pc ?

    nils Lauwersnils LauwersTháng trước
    • Oh mb

      nils Lauwersnils LauwersTháng trước

    Wallo2Godly rNWallo2Godly rNTháng trước
  • Tell Chelsea to hook me up with that srt 🙃

    The FaithThe FaithTháng trước
  • The sense of speed seems very good

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • Can you turn off the soundtrack or music

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
    • Y This game has the best soundtrack ever

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • Is this available on ps4

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
    • Yes

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • Still on f1 2020 I'm at season 10 race 20 on my team career mode

    #1 Steelers Fan#1 Steelers FanTháng trước
  • Cool I have the same game

    Marzthegamer 77Marzthegamer 77Tháng trước
  • I love hot pursuit 2010 but.. let's be honest here. It did not need a remaster! I would love a hot pursuit 2 remaster! That's what we needed.

    mazda miatamazda miataTháng trước
    • And hot pursuit 1998 deserves a remake

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • You should play midnight club 3 dub edition

    Chad AlldredgeChad AlldredgeTháng trước
  • lol on that glass of water video i mentioned you should try this game out. i hope trev seen it. but ya i played hot pursuit 2 on computer an it really introduced me to racing games. this one is good i love it. idk about remastered but im sure its good. hope you an anyone else who had or is playing it loves it aswell.

    chicken in the coopchicken in the coopTháng trước
  • Plz bring back nfs payback!!!!!!!

    xx14rehmatxx14rehmatTháng trước
    • That's the worst nfs ever

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • You have to do a playthrough of nfs the run, so good

    MagicbeatzMagicbeatzTháng trước
  • Yo Chels has a dodge charger thats pretty cool

    EmirEmirTháng trước
  • Can you do a be a pro NHL 21

    James SquireJames SquireTháng trước
  • Please make this a series

    John DoeJohn DoeTháng trước
  • Definitely make this a series I’m sooooo ready to see the remastered version series 💯💯💯💯💯

    AmaniAmaniTháng trước
  • I asked for this and actually got it!

    VERTVERTTháng trước
  • Hi

    Tejas ReddyTejas ReddyTháng trước
  • Back in the day my mom had a Mazda rx7 5 speed and it was fun to drive and was extremely fast.

    Garey PalmgrenGarey PalmgrenTháng trước
  • Have y'all seen this?😂😂😂😂

    PrettyboydrePrettyboydreTháng trước
  • I played hot pursuit 2 on ps2 in 02

    John PodobnikJohn PodobnikTháng trước
    • The best nfs game

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • Me and my brothers used to play NFS Pro Street and NFS Undercover for hours. The good ole days.

    General Vestal18General Vestal18Tháng trước
  • Nice! Love this game

    Grizzly GamesGrizzly GamesTháng trước
  • this is easily a top 5 game of all time for me this was my first ever game 😍

    AlexAlexTháng trước
  • Game looks the exact same💀

    YobabydaddysdadYobabydaddysdadTháng trước
    • Ik

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • Omg I’ve loved this game from when I was a lil kid I still love it so mich

    Ryan RitchieRyan RitchieTháng trước
  • Hope you have a safe end to 2020 you should try Hitman 3 next year and also Far Cry 6 maybe Horizon Zero Dawn Wastelands heard they are making a new Need for Speed stay safe also in 2021

    Stuart KeylockStuart KeylockTháng trước
  • I believe the most non-talked about need for speed is The Run

    Thomas RansomThomas RansomTháng trước
    • I didn't like it

      Shadow KnightShadow KnightTháng trước
  • f1 S3 would be awesome!!

    BaranBaranTháng trước
  • Ngl i have like 700 hours in this game and I am so happy you are playing this

    Bmwclub 530Bmwclub 530Tháng trước
  • Do a whole series

    Jonah VarkulJonah VarkulTháng trước
  • man, I finished in Nintendo Switch version

    RonnieMurray22RonnieMurray22Tháng trước