NHL 21 Be A Pro Career - Part 2 - MY FIRST FIGHT!

16 Th10, 2020
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Should this be a full series? Let me know!
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  • Coach compliments Trevor. Trevor: "Well coach I didn't really know what I was doing out there but I appreciate it"

    Denis NunanDenis Nunan4 ngày trước
  • Trev you may not have gotten the hat-trick you were after but you got a Gordie Howe hat-trick instead

    Adam GriffithsAdam Griffiths7 ngày trước
  • If ur center and do face offs try and stay along the middle

    George BalafoutisGeorge Balafoutis7 ngày trước
  • 10:58 that’s also what she said 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Brandon HillgothBrandon Hillgoth7 ngày trước
  • 10:48 that’s what she said hahahaha

    Brandon HillgothBrandon Hillgoth7 ngày trước
  • If you shoot after the whistle blows they will protect their goalie and try to fight you

    London LeeLondon Lee13 ngày trước
  • As a canadian tim hortons sucks but its like crack you keep going back. It used to be good like 10+ years ago until the changed the bean

    Ruuku1Ruuku120 ngày trước
  • When you get offside you don’t shoot the puck because if you do it’s an Instant fight

    Vintage MochaVintage Mocha20 ngày trước
  • fra sei un po’ scarso

    Simone BonfantiSimone Bonfanti22 ngày trước
  • Watching you play this make me wanna play but don’t have it sadly

    Alex GarciaAlex Garcia22 ngày trước
  • Why does NHL 21 look like a game made in 2021 and Madden 21 a game made in 2016

    Chase WilliamsChase Williams26 ngày trước
  • 7:12 me when i am playing with my brother

    Copperwolf gamingCopperwolf gaming27 ngày trước
    • hahaha kinda do be funny thou i don't know what i could do without whaching your vids

      Copperwolf gamingCopperwolf gaming27 ngày trước
  • good job trev

    Copperwolf gamingCopperwolf gaming27 ngày trước
  • A center can go all over the ice so your a center so go where the puck is

    Garrett RichardsonGarrett Richardson28 ngày trước
  • He should have been a winger he doesn’t play a good center on offense especially he should be at the front of the net not roaming

    Tweeder 26Tweeder 26Tháng trước
  • I’ve never clicked on a video series so fast. Love the NHL series

    Hannah's GamingHannah's GamingTháng trước
  • I'm calling it the side-pole from now on

    Oilerfan5Oilerfan5Tháng trước
  • Idk how much he has learned since he started this a week ago! But as a person who’s played hockey games and loved the sport since little although I live in Louisiana where there’s no such thing as ice or snow...... this is kind of painful to watch. I just want to yell at him what to do😂

    LukeSkyFlopperLukeSkyFlopperTháng trước
  • dont be dissing the coffee trev haha

    XxGaxmanxXXxGaxmanxXTháng trước
  • Heres a trick I've used a ton in NHL 20, So when you get the puck skate down the right side as fast as possible then turn at the corner dot go in front of the net and shoot goalies usually have a big gap there, I'll draw something up so it's easier to understand: cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/755905417283895369/769374236418113546/Untitled.png

    ??????????????????Tháng trước
  • Trevy belly can u start checking people plz dat would be hilarious

    Street ReportStreet ReportTháng trước
  • *shoots after offside whistle* “Imagine getting beat up for no reason”

    Mike BargsMike BargsTháng trước
  • Can’t wait till he learns how to deke

    Liz JonesLiz JonesTháng trước
  • Trev when your teammates have the puck, press circle or square and they will force a shot.

    Powder 323Powder 323Tháng trước
  • you can turn on help where you get positioning help. currently downloading when done i will describe better if its the same as 20. I was constantly out of position on d and that helped

    david boothdavid boothTháng trước
  • 5:10 LOL

    Brian ScottBrian ScottTháng trước
  • I feel you on lasting 17 seconds

    Døminic MedløckDøminic MedløckTháng trước
  • The fight was at 18:00

    Billy BeresfordBilly BeresfordTháng trước
  • Woooooo! Love watching you play NHL!!! Let’s go Trev!!!!

    Micallef ProductionsMicallef ProductionsTháng trước
  • I recommend going into training camp mode at the main menu if you actually attend on doing a full series of this because you definitely want to learn on how to do basic dekes like the windmill, toe drag, etc... then try them out in practice mode and go to the option where it says skater vs goalie and you can practice your dekes and shots there. Training camp will also teach you how to win face offs.

    The Nature Boy Ric FlairThe Nature Boy Ric FlairTháng trước
  • 17:50=fight

    Desmond SierraDesmond SierraTháng trước
  • never shift change on defense

    Ian MintzIan MintzTháng trước
  • Please keep playing, if you need some pointers I can teach you. I'm a coach now myself.

    Jesse ClarkJesse ClarkTháng trước
  • The puck has to go over the blue line before u can

    Tyree SaylesTyree SaylesTháng trước
  • Use hybrid controls

    Charlie KarlovicCharlie KarlovicTháng trước
  • Ayyye love the vids need more 👍🏾👍🏾

    Troy CroweTroy CroweTháng trước
  • Use The toe drag so move the left stick then go down with right stick, then rotate the right stick the right very easy

    star wars 123star wars 123Tháng trước
  • I used to play hockey on consoles as a kid and just started again recently... it’s great

    Marley MontegaMarley MontegaTháng trước
  • Love the hockey videos trev

    ChipChocolate CookieChipChocolate CookieTháng trước
  • Who else got hyped when trevor was trying to score at the beginning

    Matthew ButlerMatthew ButlerTháng trước
  • “Why did this guy just come up and want the hands” lmfaoooo

    Scotty KingScotty KingTháng trước
  • Oh and if your right handed when skating up to shoot, come up the left side cross in front of goal and shoot skating left to right. Hope that helps

    drummer41ife 1987drummer41ife 1987Tháng trước
  • Hey Tripper! Lol! Loving this series. When you cross the blue line before the puck that is offsides. Looking forward to more of these.

    drummer41ife 1987drummer41ife 1987Tháng trước
  • You want the work you can get the work😂😂

    Steven DanielsSteven DanielsTháng trước
  • Trevor just push forward on the shooting stick to take a wrist shot.. slap shots are good in very few situations

    TugzTugzTháng trước
  • Hey trev never go to the bench on defence just saying, only on offence

    i own a boati own a boatTháng trước
  • Press B to make a hit, or at least that's how it is on Xbox i dont know what the f**k you play on

    Mason LujanMason LujanTháng trước
  • Check button is the right joystick when you dont have the puck. And you can tell your teammates to shoot it by hitting the right bumper when they have the puck. They'll shoot it, but it's usually a pretty bad shot.

    Will SmithWill SmithTháng trước
  • Center is an all around player u don’t wanna be chasing the puck go to where the puck will be.

    Logan LeonhardLogan LeonhardTháng trước
  • 17:57 is what u came for :)

    Crank QSACrank QSATháng trước
    • ty

      Unq TekUnq TekTháng trước
  • No one likes the dump play but it might prove beneficial Edit: dump play being you have the Puck as you cross the center line and instead of entering their offensive line alone with their defense men ahead of you and having no offensive players with you dump and chase allowing time for line change and/or your defense to enter into the opponents offensive zone

    Brownie314Brownie314Tháng trước
  • Icing is when you are in your defensive zone and you try to pass the puck and miss and it ends up in the offensive zone and the other team gets to the puck first.

    Christopher ShearerChristopher ShearerTháng trước
  • As someone who plays nhl everyday I would look for the one timers on goal they create many goals

    Brady BoardBrady BoardTháng trước

    FollowingProtoFollowingProtoTháng trước
  • I’m a goalie in real life but just never give the other team open ice or any options

    Tess ReynoldsTess ReynoldsTháng trước
  • NHL is the only sports game I play online

    Ryan TothRyan TothTháng trước
  • Going ham and ending early. Story of my lifr.

    Aaron RyanAaron RyanTháng trước
  • you are so funny

    Jenna Katelyn NaudeJenna Katelyn NaudeTháng trước
  • well done Trev

    Jenna Katelyn NaudeJenna Katelyn NaudeTháng trước
  • Much better gameplay this time. I think the guy fought you because after the whistle you still shot the puck at the goalie lol but then he got split

    Scumbag JayScumbag JayTháng trước
  • The AI doesn’t like it when you’re shoot the puck on net after a clear offside. There are times when the AI will instigate a fight and you have the choice of whether or not to engage, but when you shoot after being clearly offside, it won’t take no for an answer.

    Brent McKeeBrent McKeeTháng trước
  • When you schore you should press triangle you can do a sick celly

    Fc mursuFc mursuTháng trước
  • 17:57 is the fight

    RNE DarkRNE DarkTháng trước
  • Instead of poke checking them use the right stick and body check them and u get the puck 90% of the time

    Bob NatBob NatTháng trước
  • You should play on pro. It's not that hard on be a pro but it is hard enough so you dont win every game

    CloudCloudTháng trước
  • where was the fight

    Bethsabee VictorBethsabee VictorTháng trước
  • Tmar he started fighting because whenever you shoot it after your offside they'll start to fight you

    HockeyDylanHockeyDylanTháng trước

    HockeyDylanHockeyDylanTháng trước
  • Trevor, the position your playing means you should be the first forward back in the defensive zone but you also contribute to the offense. In the offensive zone, it's the wingers jobs to chase the puck down low, you only go down low to support them otherwise centres usually stay in front of the net or are open for a shot.

    Jaskaran TakharJaskaran TakharTháng trước
  • You can’t shoot the puck after the whistle they will fight you

    Seth IsenorSeth IsenorTháng trước
  • You can watch replays and slow mos if you want.

    V-Jose Playing Card Deck ReviewsV-Jose Playing Card Deck ReviewsTháng trước
  • Also my brother watches super cooper sundays every week and when you shout super cooper Sunday he does the same thing him and I are excited for today’s episode

    Connor DianaConnor DianaTháng trước
  • I can’t wait to get nhl 21 I love hockey it is my favorite sport

    Connor DianaConnor DianaTháng trước
  • If you press circle you automatically go to the bench

    Eric DEric DTháng trước
  • He fought you because you shot the puck after an offside and they don’t want you to hurt there tendy

    Future GamingFuture GamingTháng trước
  • Yo we need more of this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🥩

    Just ReezyJust ReezyTháng trước
  • You're a center. Lol

    Rest in Peace 905Rest in Peace 905Tháng trước
  • He came up to fight you because you slapped the puck at his goalie after the play was over

    Latham RoyLatham RoyTháng trước
  • trev he fought you for shooting after being offside it’s a no no in hockey

    Josh RobitailleJosh RobitailleTháng trước
  • We drink a lot of Tim hortons in buffalo

    onizzle22onizzle22Tháng trước
  • The fight happened bcuz you shot after going offside

    Jeremiah MiddletonJeremiah MiddletonTháng trước
  • If u wanna learn how centers play i recommend watching some people play the eashl game mode especially people like jclaus or even watching lg games which is a competitive 6v6 eashl league.

    evan coutureevan coutureTháng trước
  • Trevor, he didn’t try to fight you for no reason. In real life if you shoot after the whistle the goalies won’t be expecting to take a shot so you might hurt there goalie and they don’t want that, it’s also just disrespectful to shoot after the whistle.

    Baby SmuinBaby SmuinTháng trước
  • You dont shoot after offsides or when the whistle blow thats why he fought you

    Logan MitchumLogan MitchumTháng trước
  • My man doesn’t understand the Tims, he disrespected the Timmy’s when he said the coffee is ok.

    Baby SmuinBaby SmuinTháng trước
  • Starbies?? We have Starbucks here too 😂

    Donkey ExhibitDonkey ExhibitTháng trước
  • He said “the zambonis” like there is more than one

    Baby SmuinBaby SmuinTháng trước
  • If you don’t understand offsides think of it like soccer but instead of it being people that you can’t be behind it’s the blue line, you or someone can’t be across the blue line before the puck or else you are offside

    Baby SmuinBaby SmuinTháng trước
  • Centre’s usually play everywhere, like all over the ice

    Baby SmuinBaby SmuinTháng trước
  • Thank you for playing this game.

    El IndigenoEl IndigenoTháng trước
  • ive been gone for way too long when tf did tmartn start playing nhl

    Oliver StanleyOliver StanleyTháng trước
  • Ok so I play hockey and as a center on defense u want to be in the center to lift a stick don’t let them get a pass witch is x and on offense play every spot left right and middle it doesn’t matter

    Shredder ReactsShredder ReactsTháng trước
  • Ayo Timmies the best

    AlexAlexTháng trước
  • As a center you want to try to create space and make plays. And for defense try and angle people to the boards because the can’t score from their.

    Will Hockey16Will Hockey16Tháng trước
  • Hey trev and the face off double tap triangle (or whatever it is for Xbox) and see what happens

    Sulei OmarSulei OmarTháng trước
  • Hey man little advice maybe look up some hockey clips of the position you’re playing it might help :)

    wheelchair dynamowheelchair dynamoTháng trước
  • So I play hockey and you’re playing center so whenever you’re going down into the net your scoring on what’s the difference man stay high and then you stay between the two circles

    Dave MarloDave MarloTháng trước
  • He came after you because you took a shot after the whistle

    Devin KreissDevin KreissTháng trước
  • Make sure you use all your TP points use them now so you get drafted number one if you get drafted number one you get 10 extra TP use it on shooting and skating you want to be fast and be able to aim the puck and shoot hard

    mikey bx 10465mikey bx 10465Tháng trước
  • The reason was the falt pass to you and you shoot it was the reason it ignite the fight , when is a fault pass, he passed to you over the blue line and you execute the shot on goal it was a" personal sports man fault" players dont like that.

    Niels SahlNiels SahlTháng trước