Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Part 1 - The Beginning (PS5 Gameplay)

12 Th11, 2020
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  • This game is nothing short of incredible, let's gooooooo! Enjoy!

    TmarTn2TmarTn213 ngày trước
    • Trev if you watch the Spider Man Into The Spider-verse this will make much more sense

      Antonio GGAntonio GGNgày trước
    • 35:37 LOOLLLL

      Unknown ShadowUnknown Shadow4 ngày trước
    • Nothing against you Trev but you really don’t know much about the Spider-Man story and miles morales story.

      Tyler MulliganTyler Mulligan5 ngày trước
    • Why do you pause the game and clap? What is the purpose,

      Excal USMCExcal USMC7 ngày trước
    • dinner what happend tp dinner.

      Rk HalfertyRk Halferty10 ngày trước
  • Can u do some super cooper sunday?

    Jasmine RodriguezJasmine Rodriguez4 phút trước
  • I'll buy ps5

    f2 fazeytf2 fazeyt3 giờ trước
  • Did you get a CR strike on this?

    ShezzyShezzy10 giờ trước
  • look at the money

    Kelley RobinsonKelley Robinson17 giờ trước

    SlothdaysSlothdays20 giờ trước
  • he really missed a lot of stuff like the avengers tower and the prowler

  • 50:45 Trevor: I ship it Me: YASSSSS

    Neva aguilarNeva aguilarNgày trước
    • Was nthinking a dKdkdkkkoohyr . ,,,,, ....

      The czarnaThe czarnaNgày trước
  • U have skill points spend them

    Fudgy GamerFudgy GamerNgày trước
  • Did Trev not see Spiderman into the spider verse? He doesn't know the "Uncle"

    Venom_1462Venom_1462Ngày trước
    • @Jayden Croteau Since the series is over I guess I can tell if you want to know spoiler only then hit read more . . . . . . He is the Prowler a thief and he is one of the villains in Miles Morales' World

      Venom_1462Venom_146217 giờ trước
    • Who is he ?

      Jayden CroteauJayden Croteau22 giờ trước
  • Has Trev seen Spiderman into the spider verse to say that Aaron can't help

    Bryan PlazaBryan PlazaNgày trước
  • What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Spider-Man

    Marley Tito wilsonMarley Tito wilson2 ngày trước
  • I held out as long as I could not watch this

    hunter gaming124hunter gaming1243 ngày trước
  • Why did Tmartn pause then clap

    Kennedy GreenKennedy Green4 ngày trước
  • did any one see that Miles and TMARTN2 have the same headphones?

    Barbie BrownBarbie Brown4 ngày trước
  • .

    Rolando Ruiz BalseroRolando Ruiz Balsero4 ngày trước
  • What’s the name of the song at the beginning??

    Josh WynnJosh Wynn4 ngày trước
  • Graphics are dope

    Sizia MutwaleSizia Mutwale4 ngày trước
  • 35:37 LOLLLL

    Unknown ShadowUnknown Shadow4 ngày trước
  • 35:40 my mans paused the game and clapped. Is He ok?

    BackfireBackfire4 ngày trước
  • not good graphics for me and i am on macpro

    ilyas hersiilyas hersi5 ngày trước
  • Your My favorite youtuber

    Lil bass BoatLil bass Boat5 ngày trước
  • Insomniac: *Creates one of the most impressive gaming experiences yet* Trevor: Look at the threads of the shirt

    CJRumsphereCJRumsphere5 ngày trước
  • 35:38 tf was that??😂😂

    samuel villegassamuel villegas6 ngày trước
  • Did anyone notice Miles Morales' and Tmar's headphones are same lol😂

    Aditya YadavAditya Yadav6 ngày trước
  • D

    Nk15 MaxNk15 Max6 ngày trước
  • Very cool

    MorpeurMorpeur6 ngày trước
  • Who want that song of beginning of spider man Alive

    sandeep bahlsandeep bahl6 ngày trước
  • The whole swipe left and pad is hard

    Carlos CarranzaCarlos Carranza6 ngày trước
  • You look like Tom Holden

    Micheal ThomasMicheal Thomas6 ngày trước
  • Has this guy not sen any of the trailers? Why is he so surprised about everything

    TFEXYTFEXY6 ngày trước
  • Love the series so far, cant wait to get the ps5 and the game and does anyone know what the music is called at the start when miles is walking down the high street and starts talking to the painters?

    HuRviE 3305HuRviE 33056 ngày trước
  • Wtf was 35:41

    Xanda FoolheeaXanda Foolheea6 ngày trước
  • He's worried about the groceries 😂😂

    XxSavage TimmyXxSavage Timmy7 ngày trước
  • trevor here for the boys who dont have the new playstation

    ItzTimrs_ItzTimrs_7 ngày trước
  • into the spider verse: aaron dies PS5 miles morales: david dies Game theory: coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!

    Oscar ReinholtOscar Reinholt7 ngày trước
  • prowler is Aaron Davis

    Oliwer Jakobsson GörlOliwer Jakobsson Görl7 ngày trước
  • hi Trev I love your videos can you play, PLANET ZOO again

    Kayden GovenderKayden Govender7 ngày trước
  • whassup girl???

    SoEyeSeeSoEyeSee7 ngày trước
  • Won’t hear get a copyright claim with the music 😥low key nervous for him

    sebastian rivadeneirasebastian rivadeneira7 ngày trước
  • Why does he clap?

    Timmy DuongTimmy Duong7 ngày trước
  • Why do you randomly pause and clap

    IntroreceptionsIntroreceptions7 ngày trước
  • You should look at the Avengers tower👍

    Brady XiongBrady Xiong7 ngày trước
  • youre such a noob 🤪

    Kari KrummiKari Krummi7 ngày trước
  • Anyone know why T pauses the game and starts clapping?

    Madden Kid14Madden Kid147 ngày trước
  • Can your next video be cooking rice 🍚 Challenge

    Wealth and aka Tonio Hundley familyWealth and aka Tonio Hundley family7 ngày trước
  • correct me if im wrong, but wasn't his uncle a villain in the animated movie???? hmmmmmmmm

    Aurelio BustosAurelio Bustos7 ngày trước
    • Yes he is

      Cameron ClementeCameron Clemente7 ngày trước

    ThatBoy DpThatBoy Dp8 ngày trước
  • Actually looks like Tom Holland

    tommy tyerstommy tyers8 ngày trước
  • i like when he said i got more of themmmmmmmmm

    Iaroslav KapeliukhIaroslav Kapeliukh8 ngày trước
  • did you know Alexei is played by David Hourbar or the Sheriff from Stranger Things?

    Ronan HarrisRonan Harris8 ngày trước
    • What!? I did not know that. That is really cool

      Cameron ClementeCameron Clemente7 ngày trước
  • “The Beginning”

    MirMir8 ngày trước
  • Why does he clap

    Hayden BalesHayden Bales8 ngày trước
  • We're lil agz if it's Harlem

    unknown pimpunknown pimp8 ngày trước
  • Trev definitely likes the superhero genre but his knowledge of certain things is really low...

    Ramen EditsRamen Edits8 ngày trước
  • Trev is there no copyright 😂

    Cj HinesCj Hines8 ngày trước
  • 1:09:48 WARRNING SPOILERS Trev his uncle is the prowler

    Desmond SierraDesmond Sierra8 ngày trước
  • Looks truly incredible, superb video as always

    David WheatleyDavid Wheatley8 ngày trước
  • 1:13:34 “whatcha doing you little sh*t” - a wise man once said.

    Mr. StatixMr. Statix8 ngày trước
  • Why did u clap outta nowhere

    MoegotDripMoegotDrip8 ngày trước
  • Dude the uncle is The Prowler

    Saturns ReignSaturns Reign8 ngày trước
  • Why did you clap

  • 53:12 Is that Avengers tower in the background?!!!!

    Sid ShankarSid Shankar8 ngày trước
    • Yes, if you played last game or know anything about this universe you'd know that the avengers exist in this world.

      Ramen EditsRamen Edits8 ngày trước
  • in the movie Aron is the Prawler

    Angelo ValdezAngelo Valdez9 ngày trước
  • Yessir

    SDRSDR9 ngày trước
  • your bully series was amazing do more

    Squampy 46Squampy 469 ngày trước
  • nothing short of incredible and nothing short of 6 hours long lol...

    Николай НеновНиколай Ненов9 ngày trước
  • Anyone who has watched into the spider-verse knows Uncle Aaron is the thinker or whatever it is😂

    SnowyMonkey 123SnowyMonkey 1239 ngày trước
  • It is soooo clear to see you’ve never seen into the spider verse😂😂

    The Notorious F.A.TThe Notorious F.A.T9 ngày trước
  • As an Xbox person I loved watching this series because I know that I am never going to get this game so spoilers don’t really matter.

    ColinColin9 ngày trước
  • Yes

    Shannon SilvaShannon Silva9 ngày trước
  • Trev: I see you like your kitty cats huh Also Trev: Don’t worry, I do too😸

    Matt KingMatt King9 ngày trước
  • can’t wait to play this what tv you using 4k

    Stuart RogersStuart Rogers9 ngày trước
  • Tmartn taught me how to play the other Spiderman I watched all the vids and even this is helpful thanks tmartn

    Alvin mwitiAlvin mwiti9 ngày trước
  • In the beninging

    Muhd_ ShahrulMuhd_ Shahrul9 ngày trước
  • I would only get the PS5 because of this game and the Harry Potter game.

    Matt KingMatt King9 ngày trước
  • Wow Phil Jones become a youtuber now😱😱

    Faris DanialFaris Danial9 ngày trước
  • Trev did you see the Avengers tower in the background.

    sebastian engelsmansebastian engelsman9 ngày trước
  • any won notice the moms floating phone

    JP burtonJP burton9 ngày trước
  • 35:39 what was that random clap 😂

    Primo Jonny118Primo Jonny1189 ngày trước
  • Did u see when miles mom was on the phone it was flying lol

    Da_samoanboiluvs_anime :DDa_samoanboiluvs_anime :D9 ngày trước
  • Imagine what that cat sees in the bag

    Owen McFarlandOwen McFarland9 ngày trước
  • They even got my guy in timb’s. Spot on New York culture.

    theuser1045theuser10459 ngày trước
  • I was literally like " please don't let it be Rhino in there " lol

    lola lanelola lane9 ngày trước
  • Why miles look like Soulja Boy

    LilTrayHomie 2KLilTrayHomie 2K9 ngày trước
  • Simon Krieger looks a lot like Topher Grace

    Barry BeckettBarry Beckett9 ngày trước
  • Was so into watching i didn't even notice how long it was

    Per Arne Kleiven JensenPer Arne Kleiven Jensen9 ngày trước
  • TmarTn2 what kind of breed is Koda I always wanted to know since I've been watching your video's for a while even the super cooper Sunday videos as well

    Max JenkinsMax Jenkins9 ngày trước
  • Spider-Man looks different here

    PxrdzysPxrdzys9 ngày trước
  • How stupid are these people to run at someone with super strength and the ability to shoot webs at people and actually think their going to win just yousing their fist are even a gun.

    Aidan GosnellAidan Gosnell9 ngày trước
  • dont play in preformance mode if you want ray tracing

    Eerik DanielEerik Daniel9 ngày trước
  • Walmart tom holland lmao

    VeryPGVeryPG10 ngày trước
  • I wish this was on the new Xbox too

    Ryan SnowballRyan Snowball10 ngày trước
  • Just play game and shut up

    Christopher McgillChristopher Mcgill10 ngày trước
    • shut up

      maestro _maestro _10 ngày trước
  • Aron Davis is the prowler tmartn

    Daniel Abraham vlogsDaniel Abraham vlogs10 ngày trước
  • " Maybe he'll have super powers . I dunno. " You really don't know, do you ? 😂😂

    AJ 1998AJ 199810 ngày trước
  • There better be an online for this!

    KyussKyuss10 ngày trước
  • Yessssss

    Tina EldridgeTina Eldridge10 ngày trước
  • Miles is my cousin

    Dylan Archer MoralesDylan Archer Morales10 ngày trước
  • YAY HE DID "The Beginning" I love that title 🤣🤣 for real tho that's like ur most common title for when u start a series lol

    ChristoperSmash 64ChristoperSmash 6410 ngày trước