Spider-Man & Miles Meet for the First Time! - Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered - Part 7

28 Th11, 2020
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  • I can think of a video game character you’ve hated more........... Micah bell

    Jayson BlackfordJayson Blackford14 ngày trước
  • even in video games girls are difficult.....

    Tiegen SalavaTiegen SalavaTháng trước

    Tom Holland’s wifeTom Holland’s wifeTháng trước
  • When he said “I can’t think of a video game character I hate more”, I instantly thought of Commander Shepherd

    Cyber NinjaCyber NinjaTháng trước
    • I thought of Abby from last of us

      MattBF02MattBF02Tháng trước
  • I’m actually on this same part. Its kind of sad that 2 Best Friends/Employee can be Friends out of Costume but when there on there mortal Enemies with only Spidey knows Doc is Hurting from Inside!

    JWUniverseJWUniverseTháng trước
  • So apparently Trevor hates silver sable more than he hates shepherd from mw2

    The DoremanThe DoremanTháng trước
    • And more than Abby from Last of Us

      MattBF02MattBF02Tháng trước
  • In those feast scenes Peter’s shirt was blue than it goes to green when ur actually playing Peter oof

    Cory KumoCory KumoTháng trước
  • Can u please choose to be with li I wanted to see how that goes 😁

    Eba jrEba jrTháng trước
  • AMKAY-05

  • U should do more tricks in the air u gain more momentum.

    cdg-Junior27cdg-Junior27Tháng trước
  • I lost my dad a couple months ago

    Kyle SpenceKyle SpenceTháng trước
  • lol watching you play this like it’s the first time ever is so funny

    Evan BradleyEvan BradleyTháng trước
  • 16:01 “I’m invisible.” Definitely a reference.

    Jace SJace STháng trước
  • this chanel dead asf lmao

    itachi uchihaitachi uchihaTháng trước
  • 0:39-0:49 that's one persistent rocket.

    Jimmy Reyes AnimationJimmy Reyes AnimationTháng trước
  • You should play planet coaster it’s on console so you could play on ps5

    Beau_thebeast77Beau_thebeast77Tháng trước
  • Ok so I think they should pull a gta v and switch between characters

    Garland PierceGarland PierceTháng trước
  • Why hasn’t super cooper Sunday been posted

    Rachel PattersonRachel PattersonTháng trước
  • I know this is a obscure request but could you play brutal legend Bc this game deserves the hype it underrated

    Markus BenefieldMarkus BenefieldTháng trước
  • Yooo tmartn play the new dlc in kakarot it’s good

    JamesJamesTháng trước
  • 31:32abby

    Visarut SarawanVisarut SarawanTháng trước
  • Micha bell is the most hated game character

    Karim NasrrKarim NasrrTháng trước
  • Where is super cooper Sunday have I missed it?

    King. WilliameilishKing. WilliameilishTháng trước
  • Funny how trev started to make jokes like Peter Parker

    OFF AXIS productionsOFF AXIS productionsTháng trước
  • 49:00 he goes invisible

    Karthikeyan AnbuvelKarthikeyan AnbuvelTháng trước
  • "Hey guys whats up and welcome back to this BEAUTIFUL city of... Super Cooperrrrrrrr SUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNDAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY WOOOOOOOO". Legit no matter what it is i ALWAYS hear super cooper sunday in my head.

    Jeremy Adler ReactsJeremy Adler ReactsTháng trước
  • 31:31 Micah Bell, RDR2

    AvilaasAvilaasTháng trước
  • Spider Man

    Only U CambodiaOnly U CambodiaTháng trước
  • its cool

    wahab gobelwahab gobelTháng trước
  • looks like green hell

    wahab gobelwahab gobelTháng trước
  • Can you please play snowrunner season 2 please please

    djpack3djpack3Tháng trước
  • Did anyone see his shirt colour change at 19:56?

    Solomon OfforSolomon OfforTháng trước
  • Been watching these all weekend trev. Your hard work is really appreciated.

    Night LaceNight LaceTháng trước
  • Miles looks hungover in the thumbnail xD

    Akhiilesh GuptaAkhiilesh GuptaTháng trước
  • Tmartn be like yes after noooo😁😅like your videos and keep doing What you do😁🤙

    Viktor FøgeViktor FøgeTháng trước
  • Fun fact: The voice actor for Peter Parker/Spiderman is married to the voice actress for Officer Yuri.

    Ben Sunny IsaacBen Sunny IsaacTháng trước
    • Wait really

      ExoticNinjaBTWExoticNinjaBTWTháng trước
    • @Bloodanator 94 I'm pretty sure they did that on purpose.

      Ben Sunny IsaacBen Sunny IsaacTháng trước
    • another fun fact: the voice actor for spider-man’s name is yuri 😁

      Bloodanator 94Bloodanator 94Tháng trước
  • tmartn2 your cool and I love that every day you bring new videos

    Maya WoodmanMaya WoodmanTháng trước
  • 15:48 i didnt knew that 6ix9ine is on spiderman

    Vova TheCutyVova TheCutyTháng trước
  • I think the friend Miles was talking too was Ganke

    Arlacia LeiteArlacia LeiteTháng trước
  • Man ur endings are the best. Make u wait eagerly for the next one.

    Shabih AbbasShabih AbbasTháng trước
  • He got spiderman in the jaw

    William cWilliam cTháng trước
  • When is teh next snowrunner video coming it's been months

    SiddharthSiddharthTháng trước
  • Don’t you have any regard for human life tYou’re making me feel like you’re a failure and it’s making me sick

    CJ GCJ GTháng trước
    • Yo what?

      Average BenAverage BenTháng trước
  • Leave mj and her childish texts, go for the cat

    busra yaabusra yaaTháng trước
  • At 19:53 peters shirt is blue and the next scene it is green

    Enrique HernandezEnrique HernandezTháng trước
  • I miss your stranded deep videos! They were so goodddd

    zabonezaboneTháng trước
  • 11:37 aint nobody gonna tell about how he hit miles with the manhole lid?

    NiftyNiftyTháng trước
  • I like the part that tmartn2 does not know anything about the game and Is always surprised

    Lion ProLion ProTháng trước
  • Yo trev may u do the rainfall mission on watch dogs legion plizz

    Brian MushohweBrian MushohweTháng trước
  • Seems like that white-haired woman is a karen.

    John.John.Tháng trước
  • I feel like the Dr is gonna use the hands and become a Villain

    DraftDraftTháng trước
  • 11:36 when trevor tries to act cool because of awkward silence in a game where he doesn’t know what to say and then starts narrating what he’s doing because he’s just trying to be an internet persona.

    JurassicDrawerJurassicDrawerTháng trước
    • 😊

      JurassicDrawerJurassicDrawerTháng trước
    • Like so he sees this

      JurassicDrawerJurassicDrawerTháng trước
    • Also trying to be funny and not

      JurassicDrawerJurassicDrawerTháng trước
  • Love the vids Trevor!!! Don't forget to try out all the new suits in the remastered games please!

    Abhay GauthamAbhay GauthamTháng trước
  • This video game looks better than most movies

    Matt MMatt MTháng trước
  • Image a Spider-Man Tom Holland video game

    Joseph OkolJoseph OkolTháng trước
  • Trev three years ago I remember when u said we're not adopting cats

    Christina SneathernChristina SneathernTháng trước
  • I actually don't understand anything you do at Octavious Industries the puzzels

    Abdul MohammedAbdul MohammedTháng trước
  • yo i just realized Miles’s friend from when we first see him and the guy he talks to us Ganke

    Charles NaultyCharles NaultyTháng trước
    • @Alex R He knows Ganke from Brookyln Heights Academy, that's probably him.

      ghost_curseghost_curse17 ngày trước
    • That’s not ganke. He doesn’t meet ganke until he moves into his neighborhood.

      Alex RAlex RTháng trước
    • @MariReacts〽 He’s Miles best friend in Spider-man Miles Morales

      Charles NaultyCharles NaultyTháng trước
    • Ganke?

      MariReacts〽MariReacts〽Tháng trước
  • Honestly if you ask me I love this game so beautiful 🤩

  • When they meet, I was like: Yyaaassss!!!

    あいりんあいりんTháng trước
  • Super Cooper Sunday

    Mahanyas BurraMahanyas BurraTháng trước
  • 31:25-31:32 my guy forgot about micah from rdr2

    I DiedI DiedTháng trước
  • You hated Abby from last of us part 2 a lot too @tmartn2

    Bob the BuilderBob the BuilderTháng trước
  • Its so cool how those "Intercranial implants that alter the personality" are exactly what causes the crazy modders in cyberpunk. The fact that it is a real thing that could alter someone's personality is just cool.

    ButterMonkeyFTWButterMonkeyFTWTháng trước
  • Please wear the amazing suite

    jason lansdownejason lansdowneTháng trước
  • 31:28 Micah Bell from Red Dead 2?

    Knight ArtoriasKnight ArtoriasTháng trước
  • viworld.info/rock/video/oo1mtJ7RqX1gzH0.html LOOOL

    SwooshTVSwooshTVTháng trước
  • I hope for the next game it will be a double game, same story, two characters that we get to play an even amount

    Evan SanchezEvan SanchezTháng trước
    • Like a Peter-Miles combo game.

      Zahir MustaffaZahir MustaffaTháng trước
  • Them: You take this Jesus stuff to seriously. Also Them: You’re throwing away your youth. More of them: C’mon Will. Party, have fun. You only live once. Me: Jesus took me seriously when he died on that cross for me. Jesus: “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭10:39‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    William McIverWilliam McIverTháng trước
  • 15:48 when I see 6ix9ine

    Adam HederénAdam HederénTháng trước
    • 😂 😆

      OminusOminusTháng trước
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      LandoPadLandoPadTháng trước
  • rilly

    Trinity BassTrinity BassTháng trước
  • Test

    AtomAtomTháng trước
  • Wait didn’t the first episode have them together

    Logan S.Logan S.Tháng trước
    • That was the first episode of Spiderman miles morales

      The Gaming CuberThe Gaming CuberTháng trước
  • when are you going to play fortnite

    Jahanzaib HassanJahanzaib HassanTháng trước
  • Make them next episode like a 2 hour special

    Apex GamesApex GamesTháng trước
    • @Apex Games Not every, there’s some great youtubers out there better than him IMO

      ChulHee SsiChulHee SsiTháng trước
    • @ChulHee Ssi ik he beat VIworldr around

      Apex GamesApex GamesTháng trước
    • He has lots of work to do already, he’s just doing as much as he can.

      ChulHee SsiChulHee SsiTháng trước
    • @Jadeer Jawad what

      Apex GamesApex GamesTháng trước
    • no!plz

      Jadeer JawadJadeer JawadTháng trước
  • You should make a madden 20 series franchise

    Ivan VargasIvan VargasTháng trước
  • love you trev! i thk the video should be named "spidey meets miles" cuz its not like miles knows peter is spider man

    Hari SethupathyHari SethupathyTháng trước
  • Please keep playing Demons Souls

    DroitAuBut23 23DroitAuBut23 23Tháng trước
  • Hey Trevor, my birthday is tomorrow. Keep up the good work love the vids

    SadJose29SadJose29Tháng trước
    • @MariReacts〽 thanks 🎉🎉

      SadJose29SadJose29Tháng trước
    • Happy birthday

      MariReacts〽MariReacts〽Tháng trước
  • Cool😀.

    William Folwell Shryock CookeWilliam Folwell Shryock CookeTháng trước
  • 0:10 lucky-dating.online

    Денис СамойловДенис СамойловTháng trước
  • Bro we can go to the other series 😭😭😭😭

    Decimation -Decimation -Tháng trước

    Charles Lyndon DuenasCharles Lyndon DuenasTháng trước
  • Why does it look like miles has make up on

    David s. comixDavid s. comixTháng trước
  • Please make more assassins creed Valhalla episodes.

    RuneRuneTháng trước

    sliczzsliczzTháng trước
  • You should upgrade your web gadgets

    Andrew ViceAndrew ViceTháng trước
  • Great upload Trev of Spider-Man Remastered great job bro and I have so much respect for you and keep doing your thing, I can’t wait for part 8!!!

    Nathan BergNathan BergTháng trước
  • 28:13 Spider-360

    Patras PhantomPatras PhantomTháng trước
  • Trev u would really make my day up if u replied😞😞😭😭😢😢

    Jose MedranoJose MedranoTháng trước
    • Hey 👍

      Tucker CoonTucker CoonTháng trước
  • pls see this

    isaac paganisaac paganTháng trước
  • I am so excited for tomorrow’s SUPPER COOPER SUNDAY!!!!!!

    Andrewthegreat55Andrewthegreat55Tháng trước
    • Same

      Horse Lover13Horse Lover13Tháng trước
    • Can you like please chill

      Llama PlayingLlama PlayingTháng trước
    • Same

  • Yo travers

    bulletchain WOODbulletchain WOODTháng trước
  • bro I love you tmartn that’s all I have to say

    OxidizeOxidizeTháng trước
    • is there one video you haven’t commented on?

      Will 08Will 08Tháng trước
    • Zahir Mustaffa I mean there’s nothing wrong with roblox

      RoPlaysGamesRoPlaysGamesTháng trước
    • @DodgerDude26 be quiet man you play rObLoX

      Zahir MustaffaZahir MustaffaTháng trước
    • Why are u gae

      DodgerDude26DodgerDude26Tháng trước
    • Bro?

      Michael PooleMichael PooleTháng trước
  • Trev there are a lot of game characters we can't stand aka last of us 2 characters.

    Paul SteinhauserPaul SteinhauserTháng trước
  • Holy sh*t the game is beautiful

    Gun-Handler86Gun-Handler86Tháng trước
  • they actually met for the first time 2yrs before this part of the game takes place

    IssyIssyTháng trước
    • @Jesus Reyes lol, i guess so😹

      IssyIssyTháng trước
    • @Issy we helped change the title awesome

      Jesus ReyesJesus ReyesTháng trước
    • @Jesus Reyes he obviously changed the title

      IssyIssyTháng trước
    • @Issy it says Spider-Man wym?

      Jesus ReyesJesus ReyesTháng trước
    • @Jesus Reyes the title says “Peter & Miles meet for the first time” which would incorrect, if it said “meets Spider-Man for the first time” that’d be a different story

      IssyIssyTháng trước
  • clicked so fast still chill still chill still chill

    Bereghost fortnitebroBereghost fortnitebroTháng trước
  • Is Miles wearing lipstick? Wtf dude

    Daniel PhantomDaniel PhantomTháng trước

    Muhammad Fakhri RadyaMuhammad Fakhri RadyaTháng trước