THE BEST SUIT IN THE GAME! - Spider-Man: Miles Morales Programmable Matter

22 Th11, 2020
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  • He’s actually absorbing the nuform’s energy

    Demon KurumaDemon KurumaTháng trước
  • “that is just an unfortunate angle right there” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    miss meeksmiss meeksTháng trước
  • he looks like a superhot dude

    George HanafeeGeorge HanafeeTháng trước
  • Cap

    Dragos ScutaruDragos ScutaruTháng trước
  • Anyone else love the music in this game

    Rayyan AsimRayyan AsimTháng trước
  • I love the fact when in Combat his Spider Legs comes out and Beats up opponents so damn Cool!

    JWUniverseJWUniverseTháng trước
  • Tnmatn image DLCs in miles morales I bet their going to release dlcs for miles morales

    Cringe God YTCringe God YTTháng trước
  • 10:03 when he got out of there spiderman bounced on his head

    vishnuvishnuTháng trước

    Big BBig BTháng trước
  • Can you play some more cod

    Thomas CahillThomas CahillTháng trước
  • Your next Halloween costume could be you with Bella in your backpack like the Spiderman cat costume!

    CosmicKxmCosmicKxmTháng trước
  • Trevor please there's a side quest called Memory Lane, I think it's near your home in Harlem. You have to do that mission.

    CheechersCheechersTháng trước
  • Mans looking like my math homework

    Caden CollatinCaden CollatinTháng trước
  • where's the dirt 5?

  • i could really feel the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Enzz7Enzz7Tháng trước


  • Trevor use it to fight

    Jaygames HardJaygames HardTháng trước
  • Cat realy 😂

    shervin akbarishervin akbariTháng trước
  • 1:28 I SAW SPIDER-MAN VENT!!!!!

    BewareThePlagueBewareThePlagueTháng trước
  • Tmar, the cat does help with some finishers. 1 air and 1 regular

    NeptuneNeptuneTháng trước
  • Which is better spiderman miles morales or spiderman remastered Because i dont know which one to buy

    Agis KaçuriAgis KaçuriTháng trước
  • Spider-Thicc

    TsukiiTsukiiTháng trước
  • Do u mean to leave the Redos in? Idc I'm just curious its entertaining

    lil AZAPlil AZAPTháng trước
  • Your very good at stealth love your vids I also got the game

    Suzushī YTSuzushī YTTháng trước
  • Amazing Spiderman Amazing Spiderman2 Spiderman 1

    Thomas FlemingThomas FlemingTháng trước
  • He can do anything He wants

    Thomas FlemingThomas FlemingTháng trước
  • The Nuform is RAW!!

    Ichsanul MadjidIchsanul MadjidTháng trước
  • Spider-Man: going around the city Trev: That man thik

    TaMp3R ClanTaMp3R ClanTháng trước
  • Thanks trev for keep completing all the mission for the suits instead of just playing the main storyline

    Ali The beastAli The beastTháng trước
  • Wait, did he say Porygon? As in the Pokémon Porygon? Trev, Trev do you secretly like Pokémon? Cool

    Cool GuyCool GuyTháng trước
  • 14:26 yes English awesomeness

    SkyelleSkyelleTháng trước
  • Pretty sad he didnt saw the finisher that has the crab like feet lol

    woofywoofyTháng trước
  • Trev we need more bugnax plz lol

    Brennan the beast WardBrennan the beast WardTháng trước
  • There is a cool finisher btw, uses the spider arms

    Kamran ProcterKamran ProcterTháng trước
  • Can we Pls Pls Pls have Assassins Creed today?🥺🥺

    Anikait YadavAnikait YadavTháng trước
  • How comes top quality is only 720p?

    Reecey BoiiiReecey BoiiiTháng trước
  • 5:32 how does the cat not get electrocuted

    Owen McFarlandOwen McFarlandTháng trước
  • Imagine the cat falls out

    Owen McFarlandOwen McFarlandTháng trước
  • you forgot the finisher

    Yuvraj johalYuvraj johalTháng trước
  • Spider cat do be vibing!!

    DarkDarkTháng trước
  • I love the fact that he leaves his re-do's in.

    Marcus WaulMarcus WaulTháng trước
    • @Authan65 he's actually really good and professional with editing. Look at his super Cooper Sunday's and Holiday blogs with Chelsey. One mistake doesn't mean he sucks at it

      BigManAidzBigManAidzTháng trước
    • @Authan65 Let's see you do better.

      Shaq4realShaq4realTháng trước
    • @iris Yeah? More than you.

      AexroAexroTháng trước
    • @Aexro all start somewhere yet he has 4.48m subs

      irisirisTháng trước
    • @Authan65 We all start somewhere. And btw, that was really toxic of u. Why? There was no need?

      AexroAexroTháng trước
  • I really wanna know his gear but i dont think he’ll see this

    RiotZ AcERiotZ AcETháng trước
  • This is in my top 6 best suits

    Victor SemedoVictor SemedoTháng trước
  • Wow man how can you not go running up the walls of every skyscraper in Manhattan? Man you'd never get me down from there.

    GamerSixgunGamerSixgunTháng trước
  • 14:17 he tried to say it like 5 times and I'm guessing he forgot to edit them all out 😂😂 (Edit) he's edited it out now.

    ErRoR 205 xErRoR 205 xTháng trước
    • @ErRoR 205 x aaahhh okay my man

      BigManAidzBigManAidzTháng trước
    • @BigManAidz he's edited it out now.

      ErRoR 205 xErRoR 205 xTháng trước
    • @Mr Sir he's edited it out now.

      ErRoR 205 xErRoR 205 xTháng trước
    • @BigManAidz no. if you went to the time stamp he kept on saying 'so we have completed the bases' and 'we have done all the bases'. So on and so on

      ErRoR 205 xErRoR 205 xTháng trước
    • Tried to say WHAT 5 times?? The code? And if so why would he cut it out he's just reminding himself the code?

      BigManAidzBigManAidzTháng trước
  • 10:03 is no one going to speak about how he just bounced on his head?

    OrcaOrcaTháng trước
  • 5:10 Miles: Another one bites the dust. Then knocks out the last guy well timed after that sentence.

    MrCowDawgMrCowDawgTháng trước
  • Does anybody know if tmartn2 is going too do more bugsnax and astor's playroom

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Is tmartn2 going to do more bugsnax and astor's playroom

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Will you

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Waite will you do more bugsnax and astor's playroom

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Did you remove all the footholds ? lol love the vids trev

    DizzyDaveDizzyDaveTháng trước
  • Play demon soulssss

    Kid Tr0picKid Tr0picTháng trước
  • Still waiting on Demons Soul’s

    DroitAuBut23 23DroitAuBut23 23Tháng trước
  • You should keep making vids on this game until you 100% it!

    Patras PhantomPatras PhantomTháng trước
  • Invis makes the game too easy

    Garrett WilliamsGarrett WilliamsTháng trước
  • Btw how good is the game am geting it

    Fr0sty clapz youFr0sty clapz youTháng trước
  • is this available in 4k?

    Andrés AlonsoAndrés AlonsoTháng trước
  • Demon Souls please!!!

    Patras PhantomPatras PhantomTháng trước
  • Can we all agree spidercat Is the real Hero right?

    Jason_ DemonJason_ DemonTháng trước
  • please get the crimson cowl

    Adam LevyAdam LevyTháng trước
  • Hell Kitchen, make me wonder why Gordon Ramsey never filmed more about it

    JaroslavBENAKJaroslavBENAKTháng trước
  • We getting any spiderman remastered tonight?

    MahhuMahhuTháng trước
  • Good

    ReverseZKReverseZKTháng trước
  • Please unlock them alllllll

    Soroush ZareSoroush ZareTháng trước
  • 0:19

    Arslan MyradowArslan MyradowTháng trước
  • Possible one of the worst suits imo

    Brandon JordanBrandon JordanTháng trước
  • im somewhat early

    NemoNemoTháng trước
  • theRadBrad or Tmartn2?

    Anjum ShaukathAnjum ShaukathTháng trước
  • "His butt is all hexagonal and stuff." Trevor Martin, 2020

    Combat ManiaCombat ManiaTháng trước
    • This comment is at 69 likes

      HamadTheDefaultHamadTheDefaultTháng trước
    • Hi Trevor

      Anders KakkoAnders KakkoTháng trước
  • That wasn’t a stutter, it was trev buffering

    Lucas CarterLucas CarterTháng trước
  • Game* ups

    Mathew CuevasMathew CuevasTháng trước
  • I have seen all of your spider-man miles morales videos and i just bought the gane today and i am excited to play it thank you happy thanksgiving may god bless your soul

    Mathew CuevasMathew CuevasTháng trước
  • Demon's souls?

    EyalEyalTháng trước
  • So we have remove...... so we have removed all the footholds..... so we removed all the enemy footholds......

    XMemeTheif 0w0XMemeTheif 0w0Tháng trước
  • You should stream sometime next month or week

    Smooth CJSmooth CJTháng trước
  • I love it that you didnt cut the part at 13:40 That shows us that you are r human:)

    AapjeJelleAapjeAapjeJelleAapjeTháng trước
    • @ErRoR 205 x bruh he did

      AapjeJelleAapjeAapjeJelleAapje26 ngày trước
    • @Mr Sir he edited it out after he probably realised he left it in

      ErRoR 205 xErRoR 205 xTháng trước
    • No... Trev's a robot.

      Shaq4realShaq4realTháng trước
  • Play the second DLC for dragon ball kakarot A New Power Awaskens Part 2

    Saar NoybauerSaar NoybauerTháng trước
  • 22m ago my Sunday is going good

    Utah 34Utah 34Tháng trước
  • More Astro's playroom and bugsnax

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • More Astro's playroom and bugsnax

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Astro's playroom and bugsnax

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • 14:25 ehe :D

    koopzkoopzTháng trước
  • Where's your Astro's playroom and bugsnax

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Bro where's your Astro's playroom and bugsnax

    Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
    • Where

      Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
    • I don't see anyone liked my comment where

      Moe SoutherdMoe SoutherdTháng trước
  • Editing is not a thing anymore I guess

    Jayden KramlichJayden KramlichTháng trước
  • The cat in the backpack is really cute Spiderman really really cool superhero 🦸🏼‍♂️

    Kayla LeavensKayla LeavensTháng trước
  • Are all suits craft able I think that’s the word or are some dlc suits?

    ScrimzScrimzTháng trước
    • @Mr Sir Thanks!

      ScrimzScrimzTháng trước
    • @PapaAquchala Thanks!

      ScrimzScrimzTháng trước
    • All are earnable through playing the game

      PapaAquchalaPapaAquchalaTháng trước
  • Who else is sad this series is already over

    Drippy YwamgDrippy YwamgTháng trước
  • TmarTn your the 🐐

    JeremyJeremyTháng trước
  • This is the best game in the world

    Rajiv KaushalRajiv KaushalTháng trước
  • Bodega cat is better

    William cWilliam cTháng trước
  • Tmartn2 it would be funny if you did a series on ROBLOX lmao

    Nien NumbNien NumbTháng trước
  • good.

    Nien NumbNien NumbTháng trước
  • Hey man I love all ur of your vids from racing games to shooting games to story games I can always count on you to deliver great content keep it up bro!!

    Heavens FailureHeavens FailureTháng trước
  • I was just watching super cooper Sunday when I saw this

    the Weikelsthe WeikelsTháng trước
  • Good so far

    Jahkeem FraterJahkeem FraterTháng trước
  • Hey bro

    Lil bass BoatLil bass BoatTháng trước
  • Good

    Eagle GamesEagle GamesTháng trước