The FREE Survival Shooter Game (PS5 Gameplay)

21 Th12, 2020
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  • Damn. Cabela's making a come back.

    Craig McCartyCraig McCarty12 ngày trước
  • You can't even play with your friends only when you go to do missions🤦‍♂️

    ColoColo13 ngày trước
  • Bro i remember this game when it came out like 2 and a half years ago. I had to pay for it back then in its alpha stage but it was still fun.

    Darsh Hitesh DesaiDarsh Hitesh Desai13 ngày trước
  • Twitter: Bruh_Ryder

    MaxMax17 ngày trước
  • Dude thank you for posting this. I would've never started playing this game if you hadn't made a video of it. Im loving this game.

    xxBuDdYbOy23xxxxBuDdYbOy23xx23 ngày trước
  • Whats the games name

    I Talk LeaksI Talk Leaks24 ngày trước
  • Make this a series plz

    Layne HerrenLayne Herren25 ngày trước
  • The best free game I've played! HIGHLY RECOMMEND

    LegendZzFTWLegendZzFTW26 ngày trước

  • What’s the name of the game

    Ekse SumbiEkse Sumbi29 ngày trước
  • ryanv328

    Ryan VaughanRyan VaughanTháng trước
  • 220Cardo

    Ricardo BarnesRicardo BarnesTháng trước
  • @DarkRhinoYT Gl hope to win something

    xXxG0lDxX227-DARKWIZARDxXxXxG0lDxX227-DARKWIZARDxXTháng trước
  • G VBJ

    hgfgh gfhfffhhgfgh gfhfffhTháng trước
  • Man I’ve been playing this soooo much man love to see you’re playing it! I’m on ps my man 😁 Twitter~ Itz_Hobo

    Hobo McGeeHobo McGeeTháng trước
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  • Get free giveaway gift from elexhack on instagram he just giveaway an ps5 to someone meet him for free giveaway ps5

    Cloe RightCloe RightTháng trước
  • This is something like pubg

    Renmon MarshallRenmon MarshallTháng trước
  • My Twitter is @Moaz_Zawra. It would be awesome if I had the chance to win something in 2020!!

    Moaz ZawraMoaz ZawraTháng trước
  • I highly recommend this game . However I wouldnt play it yet since the game crashes alot and can turn your console off . The devs are aware of the issues and are working on a fix. I just wouldn't recommend playing vigor on its current state. Also if you live in Germany you will have to pay 25 cents because the game is age restricted . You can find out more on Vigors twitter page.

    adamadamTháng trước
  • w_Sotohh pls🥺

    xillusionz xxillusionz xTháng trước
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      Cloe RightCloe RightTháng trước
  • @jacksharlow2

    Jack SharlowJack SharlowTháng trước
  • Santa's Sleigh at 5:53 was a nice touch by the designers! This game kinda looks like a Simpleton Escape from Tarkov though.

    Steven FrostSteven FrostTháng trước
  • Can you play more plz

    Turbo ZombieTurbo ZombieTháng trước
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      Cloe RightCloe RightTháng trước
  • pls more more

    CodeName BloodCodeName BloodTháng trước
  • more

    CodeName BloodCodeName BloodTháng trước
  • Definitely keep uploading these videos this are sick!

    Joshua WilliamsonJoshua WilliamsonTháng trước
  • My twitter id: Stalker085 😌😌

    -St4Lk3R --St4Lk3R -Tháng trước
  • Really hope this game catches traction. Looks promising and it’s a different sort of genre in a way for consoles which is a major plus!

    Tahir BakshTahir BakshTháng trước
  • Twitter: Terrorizti

    Jan PellinenJan PellinenTháng trước
  • I’d love to win, my Twitter is @yasinkaya68

    Yasin KayaYasin KayaTháng trước
  • Chief6x

    MNO ChiefTvMNO ChiefTvTháng trước
  • So late to this but looks like a great game! Might give it a go

    Lovleen DhnoyaLovleen DhnoyaTháng trước
  • This game is actually amazing I just wish it didn’t run at 30fps

    Anthony WaltersAnthony WaltersTháng trước
  • @gmoney1197 is my twitter. This looks awesome I’m def going to download it!!

    Gable SchoenfelderGable SchoenfelderTháng trước
  • Would love a code!! @parry_music

    Brandon ParryBrandon ParryTháng trước
  • I’m downloading it right now

    Gray DawgGray DawgTháng trước
  • This game does not look free

    Gray DawgGray DawgTháng trước
  • hey trev ,I would really like to be in the giveaway i have been in love with the game since before its release.Thank you

    lincoln mannlincoln mannTháng trước
  • My twitter is @YorbenDr

    Creature_YCreature_YTháng trước
  • It's really fun to watch u play shooter game's 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Twitter: @samuelehenson Never won a giveaway before, but I’ve also never bothered to ever comment before. Hoping to win this one as this game looks pretty cool! Good luck everyone! :)

    Ely HensonEly HensonTháng trước
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    Hunter HasselHunter HasselTháng trước
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    Jacob BrownJacob BrownTháng trước
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    TREVON K.TREVON K.Tháng trước
  • This game is so fun. I want a campaign

    gooneybird808gooneybird808Tháng trước
  • allengarry17 Merry Christmas and happy holidays brother!

    Allen HarrisAllen HarrisTháng trước
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  • If there are any codes left @bman06241

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  • So excited

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  • My Twitter is WWE12RKO You are awesome Trevor

    Shawn DoughtyShawn DoughtyTháng trước
  • You can aim in kinda like first person too

    Andrew TeixeiraAndrew TeixeiraTháng trước
  • @Justin_00_ looks cool 👍🏼

    Tragic PGTragic PGTháng trước
  • Basically a soft core Escape from tarkov

    MrohaMrohaTháng trước
  • How is this game on season six and I've never even heard of it?

    The Last HeroThe Last HeroTháng trước
  • So basically this is a battle royal.

    Angel Flights AviationAngel Flights AviationTháng trước
    • No

      PriestYPriestYTháng trước
  • Is this on ps4??

    Andypols!! !!Andypols!! !!Tháng trước

  • Twitter: KhroniKBooty Downloading the game right now looks super lit thanks for the put on brodie!

    Xplicit KeithXplicit KeithTháng trước
  • WattoSZN 👊🏾

    S WattoS WattoTháng trước
  • 7:09 famous last words

    Sawyer WilliamsSawyer WilliamsTháng trước
  • My Twitter is hector

    Hector AvilaHector AvilaTháng trước
  • Tried Vigor for Ps4 and had a good time. Like the upgradability of your base.

    JohnJohnTháng trước
  • Penoso lo de que salga en PS cuando lleva 2 años en Xbox jajajaja

    Sergio JuanSergio JuanTháng trước
  • the shooting sounds like bb guns

    Wolsy MiraWolsy MiraTháng trước
  • Is it on ps4???

    Mason MorrisMason MorrisTháng trước
  • MY PSN SEND ME ONE @Mikey_will_do_it

  • thats cool that it plays good but i use a pc do they have one for the computer

    james changjames changTháng trước
  • Ah. The jumps and spots reference. Good ole days. Those videos helped me a lot.

    Nicholas SharpNicholas SharpTháng trước
  • Gimme yo ammo Cuhz!! 😂😂

    IndiCUH92IndiCUH92Tháng trước
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    Geir HolteGeir HolteTháng trước
  • Is there duos

    Jonathan LynchJonathan LynchTháng trước
  • i just downloaded it on ps4,im glad your video was reccumended,thanks for playing it n uploading it

    Eric KortEric KortTháng trước
  • @KSanctum I’m on PS4

    AJ ON FIREAJ ON FIRETháng trước
  • @harrycollinson2

    Harry CollinsonHarry CollinsonTháng trước
  • @J2obin :)

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  • I need to sell a couple organs before I can get the PS5

    SantaSlayer 101SantaSlayer 101Tháng trước
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    Little PlaysLittle PlaysTháng trước
  • I’ve been grinding it on the PS4 my Twitter is gall3go5 hope I win battle pass

    N1ghtShad0w55N1ghtShad0w55Tháng trước
  • Hey! If you see this man, I appreciate you for doing what you do. You’ve kept so many people entertained during this pandemic. My twitter username is: andrewdonnellmc! Thanks so much man.

    Andrew McdonnellAndrew McdonnellTháng trước
  • Been playin this for since they brung out the beta the game ain’t as good as it used to be

    Im Not KyraaIm Not KyraaTháng trước
  • Heyyyyyaaa

    BruceDBruceDTháng trước
  • I play this game and it’s good @Jcardenas0109

    Jose CardenasJose CardenasTháng trước
  • Kind of reminds me of the division when you go into the dark zone the stress is real

    Dooley NoahDooley NoahTháng trước
  • what did you just call me

    Wilso 1661977Wilso 1661977Tháng trước
  • Do a series with this game

    Gentrit AliuGentrit AliuTháng trước
  • bohemia needs to focus on DayZ lol

    DurkeyDurkeyTháng trước
  • What game is this

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  • TGO_rapiidz is my gamer

    TGO ZanoTGO ZanoTháng trước
  • Tmart is one of my favorite you tubers and his playthroughs are always awesome!

    Hatem ShHatem ShTháng trước
  • Medieval Dynasty is content bro

    FikonstalleFikonstalleTháng trước

  • not bad. wish it had 1st person.

    MedicBobsMedicBobsTháng trước
  • i want u to bring back among us or at least give me the livestream location so i can watch it

    umar aliumar aliTháng trước