Watch Dogs: Legion - Part 6 - Liberating London

29 Th10, 2020
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  • Did anyone realize how close he was to hitting the back of the boat? 23:04

    Max BacksteinMax Backstein4 ngày trước
  • Spread the word of God and Gospel ✝️🙏

    Marcelino BautistaMarcelino Bautista18 ngày trước
  • He was so easy to beat after the machine was destroyed

    mneilan123456mneilan12345623 ngày trước
  • Did Trevor skip a mission. I watched part 3 and then part 4 but the mission I just did then I watched these parts and that mission is not showing Did he miss an upload

    mneilan123456mneilan12345624 ngày trước
  • I like even tho you know your gonna be raiding a place you still go for the guy that would fit in over the guy that can actually do work :/

    ryan hubbardryan hubbard25 ngày trước
  • Cass boss fight reminds me of the division underground Tank from the last battalion

    Ignazio CannistraroIgnazio Cannistraro26 ngày trước
  • He has played without recording too

    ToothlessToothless27 ngày trước
  • When you realize Cass has a realistic health bar.

  • Is it just the video or is the lip sync shockingly rubbish.

    james xboxkillajames xboxkilla28 ngày trước
  • I've been to the UK it's nothing like this Hardly any cars or people around game is to rushed

    Dean Miles GODDean Miles GOD28 ngày trước
  • He noticed Piccadilly but not the gulag

    Isaiah PruittIsaiah Pruitt28 ngày trước
  • Find Stormzy a UK rapper in watchdogs Legion

    Huw JonesHuw Jones29 ngày trước
  • "Eros" or Shaftesbury Memorial is the statue in Piccadilly Circus.

    vengeance1701vengeance170129 ngày trước
  • When ever trev play as ramesh he is playing among us

    shotgunsultanshotgunsultan29 ngày trước
  • That u dropped that exploded was diffrent then that not exploded

    meat eatermeat eater29 ngày trước
  • When Cass died, that savage laugh from Trevor😹😹😹

    Olwethu MokhineOlwethu Mokhine29 ngày trước
  • you see there is a button called cloak on the spider bot

    Kaveesha RanasingheKaveesha Ranasinghe29 ngày trước
  • Not even finish watching 2 episode and he has ended the series also 😅😅😅😅😅

    Supriya KhadyeSupriya Khadye29 ngày trước
  • I accidentally watched the end video first 😅

    Surinder SinghSurinder Singh29 ngày trước
  • NYC gamer

    jfscn gamingjfscn gaming29 ngày trước
  • Yess❤️

    NotyourdopeNotyourdope29 ngày trước
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tristian BanksTristian Banks29 ngày trước
  • Since the series is over Trev could do co-op episodes

    Dino manDino man29 ngày trước
  • trev, i know that some peeps like the face cam, but can you move it out when there is content at the top right hand corner....

    Starblazer W04Starblazer W04Tháng trước
  • Amazing series

    Shane FernandesShane FernandesTháng trước
  • Anyone know why the audio is going out randomly or is it just VIworld

    Matt KontosMatt KontosTháng trước
  • Should of gotten weapons

    Scuba SteveScuba SteveTháng trước
  • Imagine playing a game with 9 million payable characters and only using the ones you got for free for early access for the whole game 🤔🤔🤔

    CiudaCiudaTháng trước
    • exactly what i was thinking.

      RobotshadowRobotshadow29 ngày trước
    • @Robson3424 thank you

      CiudaCiuda29 ngày trước
    • He got two extra characters and he only uses two characters out of all the ones he’s got

      Robson3424Robson342429 ngày trước
    • He’s got other games to play he’s goal is to finish the game as fast as possible

      EzumyEzumy29 ngày trước
  • 12:51 the bridge is called Tower Brigde you uncultured swine

    Joel JJoel JTháng trước
  • 56:02 pfft that was easy

    Daffy PlaysDaffy PlaysTháng trước
  • 55:44 power armor are for cowards

    Daffy PlaysDaffy PlaysTháng trước
  • Trevors face after he beat Nigel Cass 56:04

    Z Shot MediaZ Shot MediaTháng trước
  • Caught my school bully watching this, now he dont bully me and calls me mini tmartn

    Rampage ZaRampage ZaTháng trước
  • Oh i have more Armor than you! Then all it takes is a couple of headshots 😂😂😂

    JM VitaJM VitaTháng trước
  • "U Broke my Armour. Now you have to deal with me!!!" 5 AK-47 shots later....... GET REKT XD

    Peter NguyenPeter NguyenTháng trước
    • That a lot of damage

      Jafari BlackwoodJafari Blackwood29 ngày trước
  • Every episode is so exciting. I wish it would go on and on and on and never end...only one more episode after this.....nooooooooooo!!☹

    Sherlynn MonroeeSherlynn MonroeeTháng trước
  • The end is very anti climatic

    Christian PierreChristian PierreTháng trước
  • Also , that Nigel Cass thing , that battle sucked cus you know. He was a infinite warfare mother sucker

    Nathan LucianoNathan LucianoTháng trước
  • I love the series but when will you expand your team?

    Brett WBrett WTháng trước
  • I want more Accident, I dont really like watch dogs

    Kevin LillemetsKevin LillemetsTháng trước
  • Put your face in the Other side of the screen

    Twalha JumaTwalha JumaTháng trước
  • trev costume your characters and recruit more ppl just saying you don’t have to if you don’t want to and get more skills😂💯

    Mr. GetupwithyouMr. GetupwithyouTháng trước
  • 8:16 am I the only one seeing this in a different way???

    JeXxJeXxTháng trước
  • Dude love the vids but just get some better recruits

    Sven VolwaterSven VolwaterTháng trước
  • On 20:00 : this is why you should recruit more peeps and get more Albion persons in ur roster

    Nathan LucianoNathan LucianoTháng trước
  • You can equip missiles on the CT Drone

    Nadav ArieliNadav ArieliTháng trước
  • Cass was just mad because he essentially got canceled by the group he tried to destroy

    Spencer MclaughlanSpencer MclaughlanTháng trước
  • 23:08 your most lucky member

    Tyrese 18Tyrese 18Tháng trước
  • I'm back i did not die

    luckluckTháng trước
  • Just some tips Trev, There are other Albion operatives that you can recruit that have more "firepower" which will help instead of using the Non-Lethal weapon. Also before starting a mission by setting a waypoint on the map it tells you what operatives make it easier and if you've unlocked them. Such as the spy, getaway driver, hooligan and also a model which would have been helpful to help with the seduction mission Hope you see this and it helps

    OFBobbyOFBobbyTháng trước
  • Biggest mistake you made is not getting all the people to recruit that have bright green dots over there heads that are on the map.

    les cles cTháng trước
  • 11:40 trev face expression was to priceless 💯🔥🔥🔥

    Sniper GangSniper GangTháng trước
  • Get a better albion guard they will more likely then have a AR or LMG instead of a pistol

    MccMccTháng trước
  • You should recruit more operatives with guns

    Tamir schneiderTamir schneiderTháng trước
  • I got it trev you've never been to london 😂

    Jerobb JardinJerobb JardinTháng trước
    • Btw did you know.... Trev has never been to London

      Nerdy GamerNerdy Gamer8 ngày trước
  • So apparently when your in like a download something those people come in bruh

    Swagg Man [GD&A9]Swagg Man [GD&A9]Tháng trước
  • I'm literally addicted to your Whatch Dogs series! Keep it comin'🥰

    Márton SzilágyiMárton SzilágyiTháng trước
    • nice english dont even know the spelling and ur a true fan? u say so

      Ritz Cod GamerRitz Cod Gamer29 ngày trước
  • I think he missed or skipped a video or im missing something

    Demon HunterDemon HunterTháng trước
  • Hey trev can you move your web cam when theres some new or something

    Karl Robert KüttKarl Robert KüttTháng trước
  • Can somebody tell me if I should buy this game or not

    ThotGamingThotGamingTháng trước
  • Get a spy their really good

    Curtis JacksonCurtis JacksonTháng trước

  • When is more mideival dynasty coming

    J CJ CTháng trước
  • This game has gotten such good reviews, I'm so tempted to pick it up but Ghost of Tsushima is at the top of my list right now.

    CallumsFlicksCallumsFlicksTháng trước
  • who else like watcing his yt ?

    DDDDDDTháng trước
  • Pls heart me

    abi joseabi joseTháng trước
  • Omg my favorite series

    Katrecia MillerKatrecia MillerTháng trước
  • Trev are you gonna play cyber punk 2077 when it comes out?

    BrettstooBrettstooTháng trước
  • Are you going to get more recruits?

    TaMarcus FairTaMarcus FairTháng trước
  • Yay another part

    DorbDorbTháng trước
  • ive been waiting all day excited for this

    Don't FretDon't FretTháng trước
  • The white car that trev is driving at 11:05 is my favourite vehicle in this whole game! I almost never see people driving it though sadly

    Spencer MclaughlanSpencer MclaughlanTháng trước
  • Can we have an episode of you just going to get other people

    Level-100-TitanLevel-100-TitanTháng trước
  • Get some more operators Theres a Spy who's like James Bond

    Tom Williams ProductionsTom Williams ProductionsTháng trước
  • stop fast traveling

    jake eagenjake eagenTháng trước
  • Your vids are lit bro

    Jahkeem FraterJahkeem FraterTháng trước
  • Yes i wa waited for s hol day im so im happy

    Ed MendozaEd MendozaTháng trước
  • I love supporting Trevor and the fam. Trevor and Chelsea seem like such genuine people. I really hope they succeed. 📈❤️

    kaitlynkaitlynTháng trước
  • I think you skipped an episode Trev since I have no idea who the guy hammish on the radio is.

    Michael PMichael PTháng trước
  • You should recruit more people so certain tasks are easier

    Mad MaxMad MaxTháng trước
  • Trev is the best gameplay guy, hes always so funny and does the coolest possible ways to finish the levels

    Jonah VernonJonah VernonTháng trước
  • Hey Trev you should well I mean you really don't have to but you could recruit like a HEAD BOSS of the Ablion is you know what I'm saying

    Trevor PhillipsTrevor PhillipsTháng trước
  • Hell yeh, I've been waiting for ages.

    George BagnallGeorge BagnallTháng trước
  • get a spy!

    Jacob MurphyJacob MurphyTháng trước

    PGRunner 'PGRunner 'Tháng trước
  • I taught we was gonna wait for another 2hours 😹❤️

    Archbishop PerseusArchbishop PerseusTháng trước
  • Doing HW and watching Trev. Good day today

    KrihssyKrihssyTháng trước
  • Favorite series!

    Dakota HilyerDakota HilyerTháng trước
  • November is going to be the best month for youtubers man I swear, Can't wait.

    TyTyTháng trước
    • @purplehawk22 boi Spider-Man miles morales too, although it’s not as big

      A Random Chelsea FanA Random Chelsea FanTháng trước
    • @Ty yea

      purplehawk22 boipurplehawk22 boiTháng trước
    • @purplehawk22 boi Yea heard about that, but isn't the consoles dropping in Nov

      TyTyTháng trước
    • It’s not that loaded anymore, halo infinite and cyberpunk all got delayed, the only real big triple a games releasing than are Valhalla and Cold War

      purplehawk22 boipurplehawk22 boiTháng trước
  • I love when you see a new video from Trev ❤️ ❤️

    LIL W3LCHYLIL W3LCHYTháng trước
  • Title makes me think of that one call of duty ww2 level

    Draft FamilyDraft FamilyTháng trước
  • Hey Trev, Tell koda I said hi?

    Austin MoenAustin MoenTháng trước
  • Hi I love

    John LavorgnaJohn LavorgnaTháng trước
  • Tmartn back at it!

    Alexes StaticAlexes StaticTháng trước
  • I finally got the game:)

    jake palmerjake palmerTháng trước
  • My name is london lol

    Guard dog the brown LabradorGuard dog the brown LabradorTháng trước
  • 1 more episode today? (Uk time)

    TajGuyTajGuyTháng trước
  • You should do a video supriseing chelsey at work

    Lucas HallLucas HallTháng trước
  • Man This stuff interesting

    SGgamesSGgamesTháng trước
  • Been waiting all dau

    SGgamesSGgamesTháng trước